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Countdown to race day!

24 August 2017

The Winchester Half Marathon takes place on 24 September and a number of staff and students at the University - an official race partner - are taking part. Each of them has a different reason for competing and here some of the runners share their stories.


Easy Smoothie Recipes

16 March 2017

As part of your #20HealthyDays, why not swap your bottle of wine for a nice smoothie today? Check out our favourite recipes.


You are what you eat!

10 March 2017

Helen Ryan-Stewart gives her top 5 tips for healthy eating as part of our #20HealthyDays campaign. Read her blog below, or join her on Twitter (@_UoW) on Monday 13 March at 11am for a Q&A session.


Networks of Wellbeing: the Holy Grail for the NHS

19 September 2016

ConceptsAs with its stratified medical professions the NHS used to have a securely established hierarchy of organisations. District Health Authorities came under Regional Health Authorities. General  hospitals were higher than community or cotta...


Food poverty: are churches still together?

01 August 2016

​​Ten years on from its inception, the Basics Bank in Winchester – along with its 30 plus food bank counterparts in Hampshire – is having for the first time to face up to its place in social policy. Hitherto, food banks have relied on a simple Good S...


Hospitals or Churches? The future bases for health research

01 July 2016

​InstabilityInstability is everywhere, and on an unprecedented scale. Change is the life blood of research – describing, evaluating, stimulating – so on the face of it this could or should be the best of times. Notwithstanding, the loss of access to ...


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