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November at the University of Winchester

02 December 2016

​​​Winning prestigious awards, hosting launch events and guest lectures and forging new partnerships: November has been another eventful month at the University of Winchester, with staff and students engaging in a wide range of initiatives and be...


Hiding in the closet: sexuality in the workplace

02 September 2016

​As another academic year nears and the campus begins to bubble back to life, I always take a moment to reflect back to my own first days as an anxious ‘fresher’.Just like any new student I was concerned about getting lost, making friends, fitting in...


Things have got better. Things can get better.

30 August 2016

​When religious groups of various sorts used to knock at our door when I was a child they would inevitably try to engage by beginning with some comment on how dark the times were becoming. My father used to completely disarm them by saying that as fa...


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