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Monkey selfies, copyright and animal rights

24 July 2017

Dr Steven McCulloch, Acting Director of the University's Centre for Animal Welfare and Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies, looks at the US Court of Appeal case Naruto vs David Slater and its relation to the animal rights debate.


The new political battlegrounds of England

28 June 2017

Professor John Denham, Director, Centre for English Politics and Identity at the University of Winchester, discusses the changing electoral geography of England and its potential impact on the next General Election.


Conservative Party activists and the future of the Union

03 March 2017

Professor John Denham, Director of the University's Centre for English Identity and Politics, discusses the Centre's new research which reveals the relationship between Conservative activists' sense of national identity and their views on the Union.


Exotic England: Five minutes with Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

14 December 2016

​​​Considered one of the few female Muslim voices on the political stage, journalist, author and political commentator Yasmin Alibhai-Brown was born in Uganda in 1949, before moving to Britain in 1972.​​Last night, Yasmin spoke at the University abou...


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