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PAGE(S) 5: First impressions of Armenia

06 September 2016

​Photo: Abandoned hotels dating from the period during which Armenia was part of the Soviet Union in the gorge of the River Hrazdan, near Arzni. On the gorge sides are outcrops of basaltic lava flows – PAGES is mapping and these outcrops and corr...


PAGE(S) 4: Paleosols

02 September 2016

 Photo: Some examples of features identified within paleosols in the Hrazdan Valley. The upper left photo shows the nest of a bee or wasp. In the lower left, roots are replaced by an iron rich mineral, giving it the dark color. In the pictur...


PAGE(S) 3: Back at base

02 August 2016

 Photo: ‘Café Hovhannes’ during the day (left) and in the evening. A large part of the time in Armenia is spent on fieldwork: mapping the Hrazdan Valley and excavating archaeological sites therein, but (luckily, in these temperatures) i...


PAGE(S) 2: Into the field

28 July 2016

 Photo: A 20m thick sequence of river sediment and buried soils beneath basalt south of the village of Solak. The gravels accumulated in the former channel of the River Hrazdan, the fine-grained sediments on its floodplain while the soils re...


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