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30 August 2016

​When religious groups of various sorts used to knock at our door when I was a child they would inevitably try to engage by beginning with some comment on how dark the times were becoming. My father used to completely disarm them by saying that as fa...


PAGE(S) 3: Back at base

02 August 2016

 Photo: ‘Café Hovhannes’ during the day (left) and in the evening. A large part of the time in Armenia is spent on fieldwork: mapping the Hrazdan Valley and excavating archaeological sites therein, but (luckily, in these temperatures) i...


Food poverty: are churches still together?

01 August 2016

​​Ten years on from its inception, the Basics Bank in Winchester – along with its 30 plus food bank counterparts in Hampshire – is having for the first time to face up to its place in social policy. Hitherto, food banks have relied on a simple Good S...


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