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November at the University of Winchester

02 December 2016

​​​Winning prestigious awards, hosting launch events and guest lectures and forging new partnerships: November has been another eventful month at the University of Winchester, with staff and students engaging in a wide range of initiatives and be...


Women in Nagorno-Karabakh: empowered for a better future?

25 October 2016

​​​​Across the world, prolonged conflict and war have been linked to changes in the roles of women. Dr Ulrike Ziemer, Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Winchester and an expert in gender, explains how women in the small South Caucasus...


10 Things to do during Welcome Week

21 September 2016

   Go to talks: from Inductions for your programme, to welcomes from the Dean of Faculty, to presentations on looking after your wellbeing – there are lots of sessions going on throughout the week. These are really important not on...


Networks of Wellbeing: the Holy Grail for the NHS

19 September 2016

ConceptsAs with its stratified medical professions the NHS used to have a securely established hierarchy of organisations. District Health Authorities came under Regional Health Authorities. General  hospitals were higher than community or cotta...


Packing checklist

16 September 2016

​We can't wait to welcome new students to Winchester this weekend! Here's a checklist so you can tick off what you're packing. Try to avoid bringing too much – just pack the essentials…Important documents – from your student loan documents ...


To Grammar or Not to Grammar

12 September 2016

​The current debate on Grammar schools interests me for a number of reasons.Firstly, because I was in the first year of the comprehensive schooling system in my own town and, coming from a working class background this was intended to benefit me....


Top tips for those with parental responsibilities

09 September 2016

​Leaving home for university is a big step for those with parental responsibilities, as well as students. With this in mind we offer you some top tips to help you and your son or daughter when making that transition. Keep calm and stay posi...


PAGE(S) 5: First impressions of Armenia

06 September 2016

​Photo: Abandoned hotels dating from the period during which Armenia was part of the Soviet Union in the gorge of the River Hrazdan, near Arzni. On the gorge sides are outcrops of basaltic lava flows – PAGES is mapping and these outcrops and corr...


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