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PAGE(S) 3: Back at base

02 August 2016

 Photo: ‘Café Hovhannes’ during the day (left) and in the evening. A large part of the time in Armenia is spent on fieldwork: mapping the Hrazdan Valley and excavating archaeological sites therein, but (luckily, in these temperatures) i...


Food poverty: are churches still together?

01 August 2016

​​Ten years on from its inception, the Basics Bank in Winchester – along with its 30 plus food bank counterparts in Hampshire – is having for the first time to face up to its place in social policy. Hitherto, food banks have relied on a simple Good S...


The divides that currently scar our world

29 July 2016

​I have just come back from a national festival focused on the theme of unity. As we reflected on the divides that currently scar our world, I realised that I have never in my lifetime experienced the intense and complex social divisions that charact...


PAGE(S) 2: Into the field

28 July 2016

 Photo: A 20m thick sequence of river sediment and buried soils beneath basalt south of the village of Solak. The gravels accumulated in the former channel of the River Hrazdan, the fine-grained sediments on its floodplain while the soils re...


How is ordinary life experienced in extraordinary times?

27 July 2016

​What is ordinary life in an exceptional space, or transnational space beyond normative markers of ordinariness? How do individuals negotiate the exceptional in their everyday lives?​The Ordinary Times workshop – a collaborative project developed by ...


We’re all in this together

11 July 2016

Following the shootings of the five Dallas police officers, I found myself sitting next to an American lawyer and the topic inevitably came up. Rarely have I seen someone lost for words, but here she was, unable to express her confusion, bewilde...


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