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How is ordinary life experienced in extraordinary times?

27 July 2016

​What is ordinary life in an exceptional space, or transnational space beyond normative markers of ordinariness? How do individuals negotiate the exceptional in their everyday lives?​The Ordinary Times workshop – a collaborative project developed by ...


We’re all in this together

11 July 2016

Following the shootings of the five Dallas police officers, I found myself sitting next to an American lawyer and the topic inevitably came up. Rarely have I seen someone lost for words, but here she was, unable to express her confusion, bewilde...


Hospitals or Churches? The future bases for health research

01 July 2016

​InstabilityInstability is everywhere, and on an unprecedented scale. Change is the life blood of research – describing, evaluating, stimulating – so on the face of it this could or should be the best of times. Notwithstanding, the loss of access to ...


A Handy Introduction to Late Medieval History

22 June 2016

​The interest in studying medieval history at university is increasing with a growth in students signing up for medieval specific degrees, such as the new medieval degree pathway introduced at the University of Winchester, and opting for medieval per...


Fighting Crime with Big Data

13 June 2016

When the terms ‘big data’ and ‘algorithmic analysis’ are used, it sometimes feels like a game of buzz word bingo.As a lawyer, I always say that it’s important to focus on what is really going on in any particular case – it’s often not possible to gen...


Olympic gold and winning goals: the psychology of winning

20 May 2016

​The summer of 2016 sees two 4-yearly high profile sports events taking place: the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, and the 15th UEFA men’s European Football Championships in France. For many athletes and players this will be their once in a...


The English aversion to eating horses

20 May 2016

Although everyone knows that we don’t eat horsemeat in this country, have you ever wondered why?Is it because it tastes bad or isn’t good for us? According to lots of our European neighbours, it’s a lean, healthy and slightly sweetish meat. So, ...


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