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Fighting Crime with Big Data

13 June 2016

When the terms ‘big data’ and ‘algorithmic analysis’ are used, it sometimes feels like a game of buzz word bingo.As a lawyer, I always say that it’s important to focus on what is really going on in any particular case – it’s often not possible to gen...


Olympic gold and winning goals: the psychology of winning

20 May 2016

​The summer of 2016 sees two 4-yearly high profile sports events taking place: the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero, and the 15th UEFA men’s European Football Championships in France. For many athletes and players this will be their once in a...


The English aversion to eating horses

20 May 2016

Although everyone knows that we don’t eat horsemeat in this country, have you ever wondered why?Is it because it tastes bad or isn’t good for us? According to lots of our European neighbours, it’s a lean, healthy and slightly sweetish meat. So, ...


Queen and David Cameron: Under Pressure?

18 May 2016

The Queen is 90 years old and she's just delivered her 63rd speech opening a new session of Parliament.She might be forgiven then for becoming slightly weary of reading out what her government plans to do. Especially when she's read so much of i...


England Stronger in Europe?

03 May 2016

​On 23 April, as many parts of England celebrated St George’s Day, the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, or both, a new poster entered the EU referendum campaign. A plain red and white St George’s Cross with the simple words ‘Stronger In’ was...


The not-so-secret life of 'Generation Tagged'

25 April 2016

​​​The damage has already been done, said the Court of Appeal in the recent 'celebrity threesome' decision (PJS) . Those who want to know probably already know, so the injunction preventing the identification of the individuals must be...


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