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LLB (Hons) Law31402 Single Honours Law at Winchester explores questions pertinent to today's world. Read more.21/08/2017 04:00:29
BEd (Hons) Primary Education with Recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status (3 years)31326 Primary Education at Winchester provides students with the opportunity to gain a Bachelors degree and recommendation for Qualified Teacher Status.21/08/2017 04:01:49
BSc (Hons) Psychology31389 Psychology at Winchester considers all aspects of human experience and behaviour. Read more.21/08/2017 04:00:13
BA (Hons) Film Production31346 Film Production at Winchester is designed to extend knowledge of the creative dimensions and practical applications of filmmaking. Read more.21/08/2017 03:59:48
BA (Hons) Business Management31341 Business Management undergraduate degree at Winchester aims to develop confident, responsible and innovative managers and leaders of the future. Read more.21/08/2017 03:59:15
BA (Hons) Sociology31391 Sociology at Winchester examines a broad range of sociological issues. Read more.21/08/2017 04:00:17
BSc (Hons) Social Work10985 Social Work at Winchester aims to ensure that its graduates understand the impact of the wider social context. Read more.21/08/2017 04:00:22
BA (Hons) Digital Media Design31365 Digital Media Design degree at Winchester is a practical programme of study that allows students to develop into imaginative designers. Read more.21/08/2017 03:59:31
BA (Hons) Anthropology5205 Anthropology takes a broad view of human society, looking at present-day western and non-western groups, social development & material culture. Read more.21/08/2017 04:02:56
MA Cultural and Arts Management31407 Cultural and Arts Management Masters degree at Winchester prepares students to work at management level in artistic & cultural business. Read more.21/08/2017 04:00:36