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Dr Andreas Andreopoulos is Reader in Orthodox Christianity. He studied in Greece, Canada and the UK, obtaining his PhD in Theology and Art at Durham University. Since then, he has worked all over the UK, America and Canada, in addition to delivering conference papers and lectures across the world. Dr Andreopoulos has been at the University of Winchester since 2010 and is Programme Leader for the MTh Orthodox Studies.

Dr Andreopoulos is active in the development of a study and research network the Orthodox Network, and several levels of engagement between Orthodox Christian theology and culture, and Western theology and culture in the UK. The Orthodox theology-related research activity in Winchester has influenced:

  • Integration of Orthodox culture and pastoral life within the UK
  • Activity in Orthodox parishes throughout the UK
  • Spiritual and liturgical Orthodox life in Hampshire

Dr Andreopoulos is the Editor of Winchester University Press's Modern Orthodox Series.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA).

Areas of expertise

  • Orthodox Theology
  • Greek Patristics
  • Iconology
  • Ecclesiology
  • Liturgy
  • Christian Semiotics
  • Sacred Art
  • Monasticism




  • The Oxford Handbook of Eastern Orthodox Theology, editor, with Andrew Louth, Oxford University Press.


  • Gazing on God: Trinity, Church and Salvation in the Orthodox Church. (Cambridge: James Clarke & Co, Dec. 2013)
  • This is my Beloved Son: the Transfiguration of Christ (Orleans, MA: Paraclete Press 2012)
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  • The sign of the Cross: the gesture, the mystery, the history (Orleans, MA: Paraclete Press, 2006)
  • Art as theology: from the postmodern to the medieval (London: Equinox Publishing, 2006)
  • Metamorphosis: The Transfiguration in Byzantine theology and iconography (Crestwood, NY: SVS Press, 2005)

Articles/Chapters in books:

  • The challenges of spiritual guidance in modern Greece, in: G. Speake and K. Ware (Eds) Spiritual guidance on Mount Athos. Peter Lang (forthcoming)
  • Exchange of life, in: S. Treflé Hidden (Ed.) Love of God. Palgrave-Macmillan (forthcoming)
  • The Eschatology of St Maximus the Confessor, in: The Oxford Handbook of St Maximus the Confessor. Oxford University Press (forthcoming)
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