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BA Accounting and Finance (Liverpool)

MBA (Westminster)

MSc Management and Business Studies Research (Kingston)

PGCSE (Edge Hill)

PGDip Outdoor Education (Moray House)


Work experience:

professional training in accounting profession

6 years in leisure industry (UK and abroad)

2 years in construction industry

3 years secondary teaching in the Caribbean

6 years teaching in FE

12 years teaching in HE

Areas of expertise

Student engagement

Social impact investing and social enterprise


May 2017: BAFA SIG Conference: "Social enterprises: A preliminary literature review of the defiitions of Social Impact investment taken from National Advisory Boards Reprts to the Social Imnpact Investment Taskforce": Cardiff, Wales

December 2010: SRHE Conference: "Investigating student engagement using employee engagement models": Celtic Manor, Wales

May 2010: Kingston University Research Colloquium: "HE student engagement: what insights into the concerns around issues of student engagement can be provided by taking a new approach and investigating student enaggement through (adapted) nodels of employee engagement?"; "What should a business faculty provide? A literature review of comment and research into the purpose ofa Business School/faculty, and the range of skills and knowledge which students and employers expect the School/faculty to provide in order to prepare studnets for life after their degree": "An argument for the development of induction programmes within Higher Educaiton to encourage early student engagement with their studies and the institution."

March 2010: Retention Convention: HEA and Paul Hamblyn Foundation: "The role of FE colleges in the provision of H|E in light of the Government's widening participation agenda with regards to retention and success": London

January 2009: "Reverse intergenerational learning: a missed opportunity?": AI & Society Journal of Knowledge, Cuilture and Communication, 23,1,pp 111-115: Springer-Verlag, London: DOI 10.1007/s00146-007-0169-3

June 2008: Project Response Academic Conference: "Assessing, explaioning and bridging the Corporate Responsibility Gap"; Universitat Bocconi, Milan

November 2007: CRDG Conference: "Reverse intergenerational learning: can barriers to learning be overcome using reverse intergenerational learning so that businesses maintain competitive advantage?" Karanika-Murray and Wiesenes (eds): Nottingham University Press: ISBN: 978-1-904761-68-6

September 2007: CIPD: "How people learn systems": Collaboration wirh Dr Stephen Gorling: published on line www.cipd.co.uk/helpingpeoplelearn

August 2007: EDAMBA Conference: "Reverse Intergenerational learniong: How important is reverse intergenerational learning in the business world? How can barriers to learning in this way be overcome so that business maintain competitive advantage?": France:  EDAMBA (online)

May/June 2007: EIM Project: "Age conscious HRM in education in the UK": Collaboration with Prof. Katie Truss: part of a European-wide study

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