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Dr Savithri Bartlett is Senior Fellow (Knowledge Exchange). Savithri teaches the history of fashion, and the critical contexts for studying, analysing and exploring fashion.


  • Bartlett, S., in: S. Braddock-Clark and J. Harris (eds) 2011, Digital Visions for Fashion + Textiles: Made in Code, London: Thames & Hudson. (further details forthcoming)
  • Bartlett, S., 2009, Developing Reflective Practice and Creative Journals in Fashion, Southampton Solent University.
  • Bartlett, S. and Clark M., 2008, Doctoring Practice: practice-led research in art and design, Bath Spa University.
  • Braddock, S. and O’Mahoney M., 2005, Techno Textiles 2, London: Thames & Hudson.
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