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I have taught modules in relation to social and inclusive education at the University of Winchester since December 2013. My current research is focussed on sociological problems in relation to social inclusion and exclusion, sexuality, self and identity within the context of Education Studies.

I have a record of publication in relation to social theory (Beginner's Guide to Social Theory, Sage 2003; Understanding Social Divisions, Sage 2005) and research methods (Understanding and Doing Successful Research, Routledge 2012).  My last two books were concerned with developing a sociologically informed biography. 

In 2015 I won the inaugural Irish Journal of Sociology distinguished article prize.

Areas of expertise

  • Contemporary social theory
  • Social inclusion and exclusion
  • Biographical research


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  • Best, S (2013) ‘Zygmunt Bauman: Why Good People Do Bad Things’  Ashgate, Farnham
  • Best, Shaun (2014) Agency and structure in Zygmunt Bauman’s Modernity and the Holocaust, Irish Journal of Sociology , Vol. 22.1, 6787
  • Best, Shaun (2015) Education in the Interregnum, British Journal of Sociology of Education DOI:10.1080/01425692.2015.1073103
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  • Best, S (2016) Voice and the Generalised Other in the Ethical Writings of Zygmunt Bauman in Haviid Jacbosen (ed) Beyond Bauman, Farnham: Ashgate


  • The Encountering Perpetrators of Mass Killings, Political Violence and Genocide held at the University of Winchester, September 2015
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