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The Reverend Professor June Boyce-Tillman MBE is Professor of Applied Music. She attended Hugh's College, Oxford, where she read Music. June then went on to teach in London in both primary and secondary schools, as part of her work with the Inner London Education Authority's Centre for Young Musicians. After her pioneering work, which introduced activities where children could compose their own music in the classroom, June completed her PhD at the Institute of Education Towards a Model of the Musical Development of Children.

June's research in this area has had an international influence, having been translated into 4 different languages, and has led her to lecture, give papers and lead workshops across the world, which is work that she still continues. June's work has led to her presenting for BBC Schools Radio, and her position as the Music in Education Section of the Incorporated Society of Musicians.

June leads the Hildegard Network, formed in 1995 when more than 150 people gathered in Winchester for an international conference. Drawing from a wide range of countries and cultures, the breadth and depth of the participants reflected the eclectic and holistic inspiration which was displayed by Hildegard herself, 900 years ago.

Juneis the Convenor of the University'sTavener Centre for Music and Spirituality, part of theCentre for the Arts as Wellbeing, part of the interdisciplinary and collaborativeHealth and Wellbeing Research Group. It was research on Hildegard that brought her in touch with Tavener, whosaw Hildegard as a kindred spirit in her view of the origin and purpose of music.

Juneis Series Editor of theMusic and Spirituality Series.

June is also Extraordinary Professor at North West University, USA.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA).


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Choir and orchestra compositions

  • The Great Turning (2014)
  • The Myth of the Titanic (2012)
  • In a Golden Coach (2012)
  • Weaving Wisdoms Way (2011)
  • Enfolded in Love (2010)
  • Step into the Picture: Life of Jesus (2008)
  • A Greening Branch (2002)
  • Between (2002)
  • The Call of the Ancestors (1998)
  • The Healing of the Earth (1997)

Standard compositions

  • The Wessex Suite (1999 & 2010)
  • Lifegiving Music (1999)
  • The Beautiful Perfumes of Goodness (1998)
  • Weaving a Fragrance (1998)
  • Strengthening Love (1998)
  • Greening Force (1998)
  • Exiles (1996)
  • Hildegard of Bingen A Life Apart (1996)
  • Postcards (1996)
  • Healing (1996)
  • Anointing the Wounds (1996)
  • Lullaby for the World (2000)
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