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Dr Jorge Bruno, PhD Mathematics, BSc Mathematics, BSc Physics, FHEA, is Senior Lecturer in Mathematics. Prior to joining Department of Accounting and Investment in 2017, Jorge was a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath. Before moving to the UK, Jorge was a researcher at the Fields Institute, Toronto, and a Visiting Lecturer at York University. Jorge obtained his doctoral degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway, under the supervision of Dr Aisling McCluskey and concurrently both undergraduate degrees from James Madison University.

Areas of expertise

  • Pure mathematics
  • Mathematical programming


  • Betweenness relations in a categorical setting, with A. McCluskey and P. Szeptycki. Results in Mathematics. arXiv:1502.05348 (2017)
  • Symmetry and complete regularity: Kopperman's duality à la quantale. Top. Appl. arXiv:1611.00562 (2017).
  • A collection of omega_1 topological types of  locally finite trees. Discrete Mathematics. DOI: 10.1016/j.disc.2016.11.021 (2016)
  • Quantales, generalised premetrics and free locales, with P. Szeptycki. Applied Categorical Structures. DOI: 10.1007/s10485-016-9465-8 (2016)
  • Relaxed r-complete partitions: an error-correcting Bachet's problem with, E. O'Shea. Integers. arxiv:1010.5485 (2016)
  • Metric axioms: a structural study, I. Weiss. Top. Proc. 47, 59-79 (2015)
  • Highly Transitive and Pathological Representation of Free Groups. ORDER,  32(1), 135-144 (2014)
  • Topologies as points within a Stone space: Lattice theory meets topology, with A. McCluskey. Top.  Appl. 160(2), 273-279 (2013)
  • Topologies on X as Points in 2^P(X), with A. McCluskey. Top.  Appl. 159(13), 3027-3032 (2012)


Invited speaker

  • Well-quasi-ordering of trees and dendrites, The University of Bath, UK. 2016
  • On the collection of generalized metrics, James Madison University, VA, USA. 2013
  • Topologies and Continuity Spaces: the epsilon-delta obsession, Queens University Belfast, UK. 2013


  • TOPOSYM 2011, 2016
  • Summer Conference in Topology and its Applications 2009-2017
  • Galway Topology Colloquium 2009-2017

Talks for undergraduates

  • Betweenness and road systems, NUI, Galway. 2013
  • Brion's formula and miraculous cancellation, NUI, Galway. 2011
  • Godel's Theorems, NUI, Galway. 2010
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