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Dr. Suparna De is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Networks at the Dept. of Digital Technologies at the University of Winchester.

Prior to joining the University of Winchester in 2019, she was a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Communication Systems (ICS), University of Surrey, UK. She obtained her Ph.D. and MSc. (with distinction) degrees in Electronic Engineering from the University of Surrey.

Her research interests relate to the application of machine learning and semantic-Web technologies to knowledge engineering and data analytics in large-scale Cyber-Physical-Social systems. Recent activities include data fusion and pattern derivation from cyber-physical and social streams, design and development of architectures and algorithms for distributed search, knowledge modelling, and Big data analysis in various Internet of Things (IoT) deployments.

She serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks journal and on the review boards of several prestigious technical journals (ACM TCHI, ACM CSUR, ACM TOIT, IEEE TNSM, IEEE Systems, IEEE Access, Sensors, IEEE Sensors, IEEE TSC, etc.).

Recent Updates:


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