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Tatiana Gladkikh was appointed as a Senior Lecturer in Business Management in January 2013 having worked at the University as an Associate Lecturer since 2007. Currently Tatiana is a Programme Leader for MSc International Business and MSc/MA Applied Global Practice. She previously taught Leadership and held a post of an ESRC-funded doctoral researcher at the School of Government and Society at the University of Birmingham 2007-2012. She joined academia after 11 years of management, academic and consultancy roles at the Ministry of International Relations of the Saratov Region Government and Volga Region Academy for Civil Service in Russia, and as an independent business communication consultant in the UK.

Tatianas research interests are focused on globalisation and emergence of global identity in the context of international business. Her book The International Business Environment and National Identity was recently published by Routledge (2017). As an academic with professional expertise in ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages), EAP (English for Academic Practice) and internationalisation of HE, she also investigates issues of international students learning and teaching needs and has presented and published her work nationally and internationally. Tatiana teaches Management in a Global Environment; Academic Development and Research; Intercultural Business Communication; Contemporary Business Communication; and Business Research at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She has taught in Russia, Czech Republic and Portugal and has experience in quality assurance of collaborative MBA programmes and establishing international HE partnerships. Tatiana is a Faculty international liaison officer and contributes to implementation and delivery of the Universitys Internationalisation strategy.

Tatiana is a graduate in Foreign Languages (Hons) from Saratov State University, Russia, and is a qualified Teacher of English and German for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). She holds an MA with Distinction in Contemporary Global Issues from The University of Winchester and a Ph.D. in Russian and East European Studies from The University of Birmingham. Tatiana acts as a transnational education consultant for the Global MBA programme at the Edinburgh Business School.

Areas of expertise

Professional Expertise:

International Business, Cross-cultural leadership, Intercultural business communication, ESOL, EAP, internationalisation of HE, transnational education



Gladkikh, T. (2017) The International Business Environment and National Identity. Routledge

Gladkikh, T. and Andrianova, O. (forthcoming, 2018) Clearfield: Sustainable Tourism and Architecture in a New Eco-park in Russia in Seraphin, H. and Nolan, E. (eds.) Green Events and Green Tourism: an International Guide to Good Practice. Routledge


Book Review:

Czinkota, M., Ronkainen, I. and Moffet, M. (2017) International Business. Oxford: Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Refereed Publications:

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