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Dr Rebakah Howes is Senior Lecturer in Education (Modern Liberal Arts). Rebekah’s areas of expertise are the liberal arts tradition with particular reference to the question of first principles. Underpinned by the philosophical outlook, she also teaches music and philosophy, the philosophical identity of the teacher and the nature of the diabolical in modern social relations. She works across a range of the arts, including literature, art, poetry and music.

Areas of expertise

Philosophy, religion and education


  • Howes, R. 'The philosophical voice of Leonard Cohen' in Spirituality and Desire in Leonard Cohen's Songs and Poems, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
  • Howes, R. 'Mis(re)cognition of God and man: the educational philosophy and politics of Gillian Rose' in Misrecognitions: Gillian Rose and the Task of Political Theology ed. Joshua Davis, Wipf and Stock, forthcoming.
  • Howes, R. 'Liberal Arts a Modern View' in Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory, forthcoming


  • Howes, R. (2017) 'Mind the gap: Hegel, faith and politics in the modern world' given at ACTC 23rd Annual conference in Dallas
  • Howes, R. (2016) 'That which produces the general good is always terrible' (Saint-Just): Aporetic Education in Victor Hugo’s Ninety-Three' given at ACTC 23rd Annual conference
  • Howes,R. (2014)The bordlerand voice of Leonard Cohen given at the Visions from the Tower of Song conference, University of Winchester November 2014
  • Howes, R. (2014) Master/Slave Teacher/Student given at the 20th annual conference of The Association for Core Texts and Courses, LA 2014
  • Howes, R. (2013), Music and the System: Shostakovich and 'ketman'. Paper presented at Symposium on the Humanities, Inter-Disciplinary.Net.
  • Howes, R. (2012), Uncertainty for an Uncertain World: the educational philosophy of Rowan Williams. Paper presented at Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Waterloo University, Toronto, Canada.
  • Howes, R. (2011), Modern Liberal Arts and Rowan Williams: Education in a Post-Secular Society. Paper presented at Canterbury Christ Church University College, Canterbury.
  • Howes, R. (2008), The educational philosophy of Rowan Williams. Paper presented at Kaleidoscope conference, University of Cambridge, Cambridge.
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