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I am Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Convenor of the Centre of Forensic and Investigative Psychology, launched on 11 October 2017. I hold a BSc (Hons) Psychology (1st class) from the University of Portsmouth, a BPS Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing (Level A), a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice from the University of Southampton and a PhD in Experimental Psychology (ESRC-funded) from the University of Southampton.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA).

Teaching responsibilities:

BSc Psychology:

  • Psychology, Crime and the Criminal Justice System (Module Leader and tutor)
  • Eyewitness Psychology (module tutor)

MSc Forensic Psychology:

  • Foundations of Forensic Psychology Practice (module tutor)
  • Investigative Psychology (module tutor)
  • The Criminal Justice System and legal Framework (Module leader and tutor)

Dissertation supervision


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