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Dr Amanda Lees is a Visiting Researcher in the University's Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, where she is a former Senior Researcher and postgraduate research students coordinator.

She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Reading in 1994 and her PhD from the University of Southampton in 2013. She has over twenty years' experience of health and social care-focused research, having worked in the private, local authority and academic sectors. Previous to working at the University of Winchester she has held research roles at the University of Oxford and the University of Southampton.

Amanda works in partnership with a range of collaborators from the NHS, local authorities, community and faith-based organisations and other universities to develop and conduct research and evaluation within two main areas. These are the wellbeing of health and care professionals and children and family wellbeing. As part of her collaborative work, she is also research lead for the Wessex-wide Healthier Together network. She is a member of the ARC Wessex Faculty and one of the convenors of a national Researching Reflective Practice Network.


Areas of expertise

  • Emotional impacts of frontline care and practitioner wellbeing
  • Reflective practice
  • Patient and service user experiences of care
  • Health literacy as a social determinant of health


Selected journal articles

Wilkinson, E., Duncan, G., Weekes, S., Tapson, C., Meads, G., Lees, A. (2020) A collaborative, multi-sectoral approach to implementing a social prescribing initiative to alleviate social isolation and enhance wellbeing amongst older people. Journal of Integrated Care 

Perrin, R., Patel, S., Lees, A., Smith, D., Woodcock, T., Harris, S., Fraser, S. (2020) Predictors of children's health system use: cross-sectional exploratory study of linked data Family Practice 

Lees, A. and Cooper, A. (2019) Reflective practice groups in a children's social work setting - what are the outcomes, how do they work and under what circumstances? A new theoretical model based on empirical findings. Journal of Social Work Practice https://doi.org/10.1080/02650533.2019.1700494

Locke, R. and Lees, A. (2019) A literature review of interventions to reduce stress in doctors. Perspectives in Public Health Vol 140:1 pp.38-53

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Book chapter

Cooper, A. & Lees, A. (2015) 'Spotlit: defences against anxiety in contemporary human services organizations'. In: Armstrong, D. and Rustin, M. (Eds) Social Defences Against Anxiety. Explorations in a Paradigm.


Lees, A. (2018) The containing organisation: an evaluation of Reflective Practice Groups. Key note presentation at Exchange Spring Conference: Is Supervision Working? Supporting happier staff, improved practice and better outcomes, Celtic Manor Resort, Newport, 14th March 2018

Poster presented at Royal College of General Practitioners Annual Primary Care Conference and Exhibition, October, 2016, Harrogate. Locke, R., Lees, A., Scallan, S. Prevention of harmful stress amongst doctors won first place poster prize

Presentation at BERA conference 2017 University of Sussex, 5-7 September. Lees, A., Locke R. Educational Interventions to Prevent Harmful Stress Amongst Doctors

Abstract accepted: AMEE conference August, 2017 (Helsinki) (An International Association for Medical Education) Locke, R. & Lees, A. Prevention of harmful stress amongst doctors

Masding, M., Odbert, R., Locke, R., Scallan, S. & Lees, A. Tasters in General Practice: GP ST3 trainees mentoring FY1s, NACT UK Foundation Programme Sharing Good Practice Event, March 2015

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Lees, A. and Meyer, E. (Making connections across boundaries: interprofessional learning and communities of practice In, European Interprofessional Education Network (EIPEN) 2nd International Conference, Oulu, Finland, 17-18 September 2009

Meyer, E. and Lees, A. (2009) From interprofessional education to integrated working: enabling middle managers to develop integrated practice within children's services, European Interprofessional Education Network (EIPEN) 2nd International Conference, Oulu, Finland, 17-18 September 2009

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