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Dr Amanda Lees is a Senior Research Officer in the University's Health and Wellbeing Research Group, where she is involved in the design and delivery of health and wellbeing research. She also carries out research methods teaching for postgraduate students. She has previously held research positions at the Universities of Southampton and Oxford, as well as within a local authority and market research agency.


Chapters in edited books

  • Cooper, A. & Lees, A. (2015) 'Spotlit: defences against anxiety in contemporary human services organizations'. In: Armstrong, D. and Rustin, M. (Eds) Social Defences Against Anxiety. Explorations in a Paradigm.

Journal articles

  • Lees, A., Payler, J. and Ballinger, C. (forthcoming) Positioning children’s voice in clinical trials research: a new model for planning, collaboration and reflection.
  • Lees, A. (2016) Facts with Feelings: Social workers’ experiences of sharing information across team and agency borders to safeguard children. Child and Family Social Work.
  • Meads, G. Lees, A.and Tapson, C. (2016) Creational narratives for new housing communities: evidence synthesis. Housing, Care and Support, 19 (3/4).
  • Meads, G., Russell, G. and Lees, A. (2016) Community governance in primary health care: towards an international ideal type. International Journal of Health Planning and Management.
  • Ruch, G., Lees, A. and Prichard, J. (2014) Getting beneath the surface: scapegoating and the systems approach in a post-Munro world. [in special issue: Child Protection after Munro – Reflections Three Years On. Journal of Social Work Practice, 28, (3), 313-327.
  • Meyer, E. & Lees, A. (2013) Learning to Collaborate: An Application of Activity Theory to Interprofessional Learning Across Children's Services, Social Work Education: The International Journal, 32:5, 662-684
  • Lees, A., Meyer, E. and Raferty, J. (2011) From Menzies Lyth to Munro: The problem of Managerialism. British Journal of Social Work 1–18
  • Lees, A. and Meyer, E. (2010) Theoretically speaking: use of a communities of practice framework to describe and evaluate interprofessional education. Journal of Interprofessional Care, 2011, 25: 84–90
  • Meyer, E., Lees, A., Humphris, D. and Connell, N.A.D., (2007) Opportunities and barriers to successful learning transfer: impact of critical care skills training. Journal of Advanced Nursing 60 (3), 308-316
  • Chantler, T., Lees, A., Moxon, E.R., Mant, D., Pollard, A.J. and Fitzpatrick, R. (2007) The role familiarity with science and medicine plays in parents' decision-making about enrolling a child in vaccine research. Qualitative Health Research Journal 17 (3), 311-322
  • Jay, F., Chantler, T., Lees, A. and Pollard, A.J. (2007) Children’s Participation in vaccine research: parents’ views. Paediatric Nursing October, Vol 19, Issue 8
  • Chantler, T., Green, S., Lees A., Diggle, L., Mayon White, R., Pollard, A.J. and Fitzpatrick, R., (2006) Parental Views on the Introduction of an Infant Pneumococcal Vaccine. Community Practitioner, 79 (7), 213-6


  • Lees, A., Payler, J., Meads, G. (2014) Educating for Integrated Care Rapid Realist Evidence Synthesis of Interprofessional education interventions with potential to support integrated care, produced for Health Education Wessex.
  • Lees, A. (2013) Spotlights and shadows: A social work perspective on information sharing to safeguard children. University of Southampton.


  • Masding, M., Odbert, R., Locke, R., Scallan, S. & Lees, A. Tasters in General Practice: GP ST3 trainees mentoring FY1s, NACT UK Foundation Programme Sharing Good Practice Event, March 2015.
  • Lees, A & Raper, D. Educating for Integrated Care, 2014, Health Education Wessex Better Care Summit, November 2014Lees, A. How can organisations support the anxieties of information sharing? Social Work Social Development: Impact and Action 2012, Stockholm.
  • Lees, A. and Meyer, E. (Making connections across boundaries: interprofessional learning and communities of practice In, European Interprofessional Education Network (EIPEN) 2nd International Conference, Oulu, Finland, 17-18 September 2009
  • Meyer, E. and Lees, A. (2009) From interprofessional education to integrated working: enabling middle managers to develop integrated practice within children's services, European Interprofessional Education Network (EIPEN) 2nd International Conference, Oulu, Finland, 17-18 September 2009


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