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Andrew Melrose is Professor of Children’s Writing at the University of Winchester, he has over 150 film, fiction, non-fiction, research, songs, poems and other writing credits, including The Story Keepers film series, a textual intervention on the New Testament, broadcast worldwide, and 28 scholarly or creative books; is the editor of the journal Writing4Children and a founding member of the TEXT journal of writing and writing courses international advisory board.

In addition to his creative writing, Andrew has written a number of books, articles and book chapters on various aspects of Critical and Creative Writing and the Cult and Culture of the child, children and childhood.

Critical appraisal of creativity and reflexive practice on culture, communication and media is an intrinsic part of the creative writing culture at the University of Winchester and as such academic engagement is seen as a crucial component in his work. He has recently been working with illustrator Stephanie Morris and Senior Lecturer in Education Jonathan Rooke on The Boat, a children's book that aims to bring the plight of refugees to the attention of children. As part of the project, which received Arts Council England funding in 2016, a resource pack for teachers is being written with the aim of having the project up and running for Refugee Week 2017. Visit the The Boat website.


Editor of Write4Children: The International Journal for the Practice and Theories of Writing for Children and Children’s Literature - www.write4children.org

Academic books

  • Here Comes The Bogeyman Exploring contemporary issues in writing for children (Routledge 2012)
  • Monsters Under the Bed critically investigating early years writing Routledge (2012)
  • Write for Children (Routledge 2002)
  • Storykeeping the story, the child and the word in cultural crisis Paternoster (2002)

Recent peer-reviewed articles

  • Writers Inc. : Writing and Collaborative Practice, Jen Webb and Andrew Melrose, Creative Writing Pedagogies for the Twenty-first Century, Ed Alexandria Peary and Tom C. Hunley, Souther Illinois University Press 2015
  • Viva la vida: viva la viva voce TEXT, Vol 17, No 2 Text Special Issue Number 22 Examination of doctoral degrees in creative arts: process, practice and standards 2015
  • A lyrical future of nostalgia: And an 'echo to the sense', AXON, Autumn, 2015 
  • Certificate 12A and PG-13: "they were children yesterday..." American, British & Canadian Studies; 2013, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p82
  • The Hidden Adult or the Hiding Child in Writing for Children? TEXT, Vol 16, No 1, 2012
  • Intimacy and the Icarus Effect Axon Axon: Creative Explorations: contemporary creativity, poetry, images and design, Issue 1, No 1, Intimacy, September 2011
  • "Jesus, Judas, Jimi and John: culture, communication, media and art in delightful chaos TEXT Journal of Writing and Writing Course, Vol 14, No1, April 2010
  • ‘Kyoto A Collaborative Project between a Student (GA) and her Supervisor (AM)’, with Grace Astor, New Writing (2008)
  • ‘Crabs (and stories) walking sideways; life beyond the death of the story’ in Maggie Butt, ed, Story the Heart of the Matter (2008)
  • ‘Junk, Skunk and Northern Lights representing drugs in Children’s Literature, Paul Manning, ed, Drugs and Popular Culture (2008)
  • ‘Reading and Righting - carrying on the creative writing theory debate, what should we expect from creative writing students? New Writing (2006)
  • 'Writing for children a practical perspective', a chapter in Peter Hunt ed., Routledge Companion Encyclopaedia of Children's Literature 2nd Edition (2004)

Films/Screenplays: Year screened by ITV

  • The Storykeepers Series
    Written and Created by Andrew Melrose and Brian Brown
    Produced by Shepherd Films (Dublin) and Zondervan (USA)
  • 13 Films for ITV (broadcast every Sunday for 7 years from 1996-2001
  • The Christmas Storykeepers
    An animated feature film broadcast on ITV Christmas Day 1998 and 1999
  • The Easter Storykeeepers
    An animated feature film broadcast Easter Sunday 1998; 1999; 2000
  • Friends and Heroes
    42 Films an animated film series, broadcast on the BBC 2007


  • Early Readers - (Age 4-8) The Storykeepers Series, all with Brian Brown, published by CASSELL (UK) and ZONDERVAN (USA) and being re-released by PATERNOSTER except where specified.
  • Breakout (1996)
  • Raging Waters (1996)
  • Catacomb Rescue (1996)
  • Ready, Aim, Fire! (1997)
  • Sink or Swim (1997)
  • Starlight Escape (1997)
  • Captured (1997)
  • Roar in the Night (1997)
  • Trapped (1997)
  • Victory (1998)
  • The Storykeepers Collection Hunt and Thorpe (1999)
  • Foul Play Heineman (2000)
  • The Mouse Stone Ginn (2001)
  • The Stone Mouse Ginn, USA (2001)
  • Magic Mr Edison Red Fox, Random House (2002)
  • Magic Mr Edison Red Fox, Random House, Korea translated with accompanying audio tape (2003)

Pre-teen novels - (The Storykeepers Series, all with Brian Brown)

  • Breakout (1996)
  • Raging Waters (1996)
  • Catacomb Rescue (1996)
  • Ready, Aim, Fire! (1997)
  • Sink or Swim (1997)
  • Starlight Escape (1997)
  • Captured (1997)
  • Roar in the Night (1997)
  • Trapped (1997)
  • Victory (1998)
  • Foul Play with Judy Waite, Illustrated by Garry Davies, Heineman (1998)

Songs (Recorded for films or CD)

  • I Will Wait Loobie Music (1998)
  • Hold Me Loobie Music (1998)
  • You Have to be Strong Now RAE Music (1999)
  • Shemhadar RAE Music (1999)
  • Handmaiden’s Lullaby RAE Music (1999)
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