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Marion is a solicitor and a Senior Fellow in the Department of Law. With previous experience in legal management roles within private practice, international companies and UK central government, she has worked extensively in the fields of data protection, freedom of information and information technology, advising on a number of information technology implementations, data sharing projects and statutory reforms. 

Since joining the University of Winchester, Marion has presented, published and advised on the subjects of information technology and information law, and founded the Department’s research and consultancy centre, the Centre for Information Rights. She organises the Centre's annual conference on Trust, Risk, Information & the Law, TRILCon.

Marion is Managing Editor for the Journal of Information Rights, Policy & Practice, an online journal published by Winchester University Press.

Areas of expertise

At postgraduate and practitioner level, Marion’s subjects are information law, information technology privacy and cyberlaw. 

Marion’s main undergraduate teaching is in cyberlaw, company law and public law, and the development of employability skills.



  • Jordan’s dilemma: Can large parties still be intimate? Redefining public, private and the misuse of the digital person. Information & Communications Technology Law, 26 (1), 2017, 6-31.


  • 'Being on our radar does not necessarily mean being under our microscope': The Regulation and Retention of Police Intelligence'. European Journal of Current Legal Issues, Vol. 22 No 1. Read it online.


  • Controlling, lying and blocking – ways for the individual to win the privacy arms race?
  • The Draft Investigatory Powers Bill - achieving a good faith debate


  • Seek, and ye shall not necessarily find: the Google Spain decision, the surveillant on the street and privacy vigilantism
  • Share and share alike? An examination of trust, anonymisation and data sharing with particular reference to an exploratory research project investigating attitudes to sharing personal data with the public sector


  • Mandatory reporting of child abuse - necessary medicine for 'nervous Nellies' or a remedy too far? International Data Privacy Law
  • 'Something bad might happen' - Lawyers, Anonymization & Risk. Society for Computers & Law
  • Joining the Dots - Intelligence and Proportionality. Privacy & Data Protection
  • Disclosure of personal data relating to children and vulnerable adults - balancing public and private interests. Freedom of Information
  • Data anonymisation and managing risk - the ICO's new code. Privacy & Data Protection
  • Challenges with anonymisation and jigsaw identification. Privacy Laws & Business


  • Facebook group implies consent to disclosure. International Data Privacy Law
  • Freedom of information in cyberspace: What now for copyright? International Review of Law, Computers & Technology
  • Back-ups, BYOD and FOI risks. Society for Computers and Law
  • ICO consults on anonymisation code of practice. Society for Computers and Law
  • Freedom of Information: to have is to hold? Society for Computers and Law


  • Invited Panel member for the Big Data keynote debate at the Battle of Ideas 2014
  • Invited speaker at the launch of the Centre for Law & Information Policy, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies 2015
  • Invited Panel member for the Big Data: Big Brother? session at the Cheltenham Science Festival 2015
  • Invited speaker at the Office of National Statistics Big Data stakeholder event 2015.
  • Workshop on 'Identifying Personal Data' at PDP Data Protection Conference, September 2013
  • Training session on data protection and privacy policies for the management and teaching staff of a leading independent school, June 2013
  • Digital Law session, ICT conference for schools, March 2013, King Edward VI School, Southampton
  • Fifth Northumbria Information Law Conference, May 2013, You're on Facebook, so you can't complain if we disclose your information
  • Chair of the Centre for Information Rights' seminar, 'Data Sharing and the Vulnerable', April 2013
  • Organiser and speaker at the Launch of the Centre for Information Rights, September 2012
  • BILETA annual conference, April 2012, Freedom of information online: the dilution of copyright
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