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Carole Parkes is Professor of Global Issues and Responsible Management at Winchester University Business School, a PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Champion School. She has both a business and academic background. In addition to being Chair of the PRME Regional Chapter UK & Ireland, Carole is a member the PRME Advisory Group, an editor of publications for the Fighting Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education PRME Working Group, Chair of the UK Sustainability Literacy Test Group. In 2012/3, Carole was invited to be the Christopher Chair in Business Ethics at Dominican University in Chicago and in 2015, a ‘Researcher in Residence’ at PRME in New York.

Carole was previously Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability at Aston University, where she developed and led ethics, responsibility and sustainability, first in the Business School and the Aston MBA and then across all schools in the University.

In July 2017, at the 10th Anniversary PRME Global Forum UN Reception, Carole was presented with a PRME Pioneer Award ‘for her leadership and commitment to the development of PRME’ and her appointment as ‘Special Advisor to the UN PRME initiative (for Chapters) was announced. Carole is also an Inaugural Fellow of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) and on the Editorial Board for Greenleaf Publishing.

In 2016, she was invited to be the Guest Editor for a PRME 10th Anniversary Special Issue of the International Journal of Management Education (launched at the 2017 PRME Global Forum) and is now an Associate Editor for the Journal. Carole regularly speaks, publishes and participates in academic and practitioner events, locally and globally and also works with a range of business and community groups.

Current roles:

  • Special Advisor to the UN (PRME Chapters)
  • PRME Advisory Group memberPRME Working Group A leader of Fighting Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education
  • Chair PRME Regional Chapter UK & Ireland
  • Chair Sustainability Literacy Test UK Steering Committee.
  • PRME Champion School Lead

Higher Education Teaching Qualification: Higher Education Academy Fellowship (FHEA).



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Refereed journal articles

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Newspaper and professional journal articles

  • Parkes, Carole (2014) Two Steps we can take to boost take-up of the living wage. Policy Review EU.
  • Parkes, Carole (17th February 2014) Why employers can't afford not to embrace the living wage' PROFESSIONAL MANAGER MAGAZINE 2014
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  • Parkes Carole (30th August 2012) Ethical Inside Job: Making businesses more ethical must begin with the business schools. THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION
  • Parkes, Carole (18th July 2012) To change the banks, we must first change the business schools: Get’em when they’re young, THE NEW STATESMAN
  • Parkes Carole (8th March 2012) Responsible Capitalism, THE GUARDIAN
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Invited presentations/conferences

  • Parkes, C. (2015) Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME): Overview of work and current developments: ESD Conference ‘Learning From the Sharp End’ Implications for Sustainability in Higher Education Bristol (7th September 2015)
  • Parkes, C. (2015) Chair UK & Ireland PRME Chapter Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University (29th -30th June 2015)
  • Parkes, C. (2015) 4th Annual CSR Summit Birmingham, ‘Reversing the Value Chain’: What can the arts and creative sector bring to business and community? Aston Business School (26th June 2015)
  • Parkes, C. (2015) Moderator and speaker: Accelerating Implementation of Responsible Management Education (RME) Global Forum for Responsible Management Education the 6th PRME Assembly & Global Compact+15: Business as a Force For Good New York (23rd -25th June 2015)
  • Parkes, C. (2015) Teaching Business and Human Rights Workshop at Columbia University, New York (May 18-19th, 2015).
  • Parkes, C. The contribution of PRME Universities to the UN post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. United Nations HQ, New York (2nd July 2014)
  • Parkes, C. & Cashian, P., Innovation in the implementation of the UN-backed Principles of Responsible Management Education Association of Business Schools Learning & Teaching Conference (29th April 2014)
  • Parkes, C. PRME Beyond the Business School, UK & Ireland PRME Chapter conference Winchester (9 th April 2014)
  • Parkes, C., HEA Interdisciplinary Seminar, "on Integrating Education for Sustainable Development in Teaching and the Student Experience," Higher Education Academy, Keele University, UK. (January 22, 2014)
  • Parkes, C., Business and Human Rights, UN Global Compact programme, Rio Tinto HQ, London. (Summer, 2013)
  • Parkes, C., United Nations PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) launch of the PRME Champions Global Leadership Team, New York, USA. (September 19, 2013)
  • Parkes, C., United Nations PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) PRME Champions Global Leadership Team, Slovenia. (September 24, 2013 - September 26, 2013)
  • Parkes, C., 20th Anniversary Conference of Central and Eastern European Association of Management Development (CEEMAN), Slovenia. (September 27, 2013)
  • Parkes, C. Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Conference, Keynote Speaker, Aston University November 2013
  • Parkes, C., Churches and Industry Group Birmingham (CIGB), CICG, Birmingham. (November 24, 2013)
  • Parkes, C., ‘Profits with Purpose’ Public Lecture, Dominican University, Chicago, USA. (March 2013)
  • Parkes, C, Chaired sessions & paper presentations - International Human Resource Management Conference in Gurgaon, India (Dec 2012)
  • Gudic, M. & Parkes, C., & Rosenbloom, A. Report on Fighting Poverty as a Challenge for Management Education UN PRME Global Forum & Corporate Sustainability Forum Rio+20 Earth Summit. (June 2012)
  • Parkes, C. (October 2011) Key speaker 'Responsible Management Education’ Changing the curriculum (and the organisation!) Aston chosen as an exemplar case study in HEFCE funded research ISIBS International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Nottingham University Business School
  • Parkes, C. Sustainability & Responsibility Plus Network Lancaster Responsible Management Education & ‘Giving Voice to Values’ (November 2010)
  • Parkes, C., AACSB Sustainability Conference, "Responsible management education from across the pond: Innovations and experiences in UK business schools." Minnesota, USA (June 20, 2010 - June 22, 2010)
  • Parkes, C., United Nations PRME, Stirling University, Scottish Universities & PRME, UK. (April 2010)
  • Parkes, C., 14th European Business Ethics Network UK Conference, "Principles of responsible management education (PRME), UK experiences, 'ethics in crisis'," London. (April 7, 2010 - April 9, 2010)
  • Parkes, C., (2009) "Engaging Different Communities with Sustainability? Moving Beyond Intention into Action," UN Conference on Climate Change (COP15) UNPRME/CBS International Conference on Responsible Management Education: Sustainable Leadership in the era of Climate Change, Copenhagen. (November 23, 2009 - November 24, 2009)


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