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Since 2011 Eira has been a tutor at the University of Winchester and currently she leads the MA Education Programme. She is also part of the Primary Science team. Her teaching experience includes teaching in Key Stage 2 in both rural and inner-city contexts in the U.K. and Key Stage 1 in an international school. Eira also has also worked in a research-based role within the National Foundation for Educational Research.
The belief that research is an essential and effective driver of change underpins her practice. She has carried out research into ways of enhancing the student learning experience through research which takes into account the student voice. This work has informed the development of practice based on creative learning and teaching opportunities designed to meet students’ own perceived learning needs. Eira is particularly interested in facilitating research within educational contexts and is committed to working with school-based professionals on developing their research interests.

Areas of expertise

Eira has experience of leading and supporting teaching and learning in a variety of contexts both within primary schools and in Initial Teacher Education. She has worked in a range of areas in Higher Education including science, music and mathematics. She has extensive experience of supervision of MA Dissertation research projects.




Journal Articles

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Paper currently in development 

  • The concept of rigour in qualitative research: A systematic and thematic synthesis of evidence

Book chapter

Patterson, E.W. (2019) Researching your teaching, in Capel, S., Lawrence, J., Leask, M., and Younie, S. (Eds) (2019) Surviving and Thriving: A companion for the recently qualified teacher, Abingdon: Taylor Francis.


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