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John is a Consultant in Gastroenterology, Clinical Research Director at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and a Visiting Professor in the Hampshire Collaboration for Health Research and Education (HCHRE), part of the University's Health and Wellbeing Research Group. The HCHRE is an initiative that aims to link Hampshire hospitals with the University of Winchester. 

He has a background in cancer research, and is the lead clinician for the Kings Health Partners Neuroendocrine Centre for Excellence, based at Kings College London. He is Senior Lecturer at Kings College London and has a programme of research there.

He is current chair of UKINETS, the main UK organisation for improving care for NET patients. He is on the advisory board for ENETS, the equivalent European organisation. He is previous chair of the Wessex Clinical Research Network and recently stepped down from R+D Director of Hampshire Hospitals. He is Regional Advisor in Gastroenterology for the Wessex Region. He is Chief Investigator for a number of National and International Research projects.

Prof. Ramage is keen to hear from potential research students who wish to undertake postgraduate research under his supervision.

Areas of expertise

Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist specialising in biliary endoscopy and gastrointestinal and liver cancer.


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