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Areas of expertise

  • Primary English, particularly writing
  • Assessment of writing
  • storytelling into writing


  • The Matador’s Curse a novel for children by Jonathan Rooke self- published on Amazon Kindle January 2015
  • Rooke,  J.  with Law,  K.  (2009)  Collins Primary Literacy Year 6.  London: Harper Collins. 
  • Rooke,  J, contributor to Andrews,  R.  (2008)  Getting Going: Generating, shaping and developing ideas in writing. (DCSF). 
  • Rooke,  J. and  Collins, S.  (2004)  Writing Across the Curriculum Y5.  London: Hopscotch. 
  • Rooke,  J.  and Hiatt,  K.  (2002)  Creativity and Writing  London: David Fulton 
  • Rooke,  J,  contributor to  Hackman, S.  (2001)  Fast Forward L4-5.  London: Hodder and Stoughton. 
  • Rooke,  J.  (2001)  Guided Reading Resources.  (Surrey). Curriculum and Management Consultancy, Surrey. 
  • Rooke,  J,  contributor to  Hackman,  S.  (2000)  Fast Forward Assessment Pack London: Hodder and Stoughton
  • Rooke,  J,  contributor to  Hackman,  S.  (1999)  Fast Forward L3-4  London: Hodder and Stoughton 
  • Rooke,  J.  (1999)  Improving narrative writing at KS2  Surrey: Curriculum and Management Consultancy, Surrey 

Articles and Reports

  • The Impact of Storytelling Schools on Children’s Writing in Tower Hamlets primary schools. Evaluation of roll-out Phase 1: 2013-14 (published April 2015)
  • Transforming Writing:12 key classroom approaches National Literacy Trust (published January 2015)
  • Book Reviews English 4-11 UKLA Autumn 2014
  • Rooke, J. (2013) Transforming Writing Final Evaluation National Literacy Trust
  • Using iPads to Support Peer assessment of Writing English 4-11 UKLA Spring 2015 pp. 7-8
  • ActivEd: Lights, Camera, Classroom Ready? Action! An International Experience in Haapsalu, Estonia with Jon Audain in Journal of the Comenius Association September 2014 pp. 47-49
  • Reading Journals Evolve in Primary Teacher Update April 2014
    A Joint Christmas Writing Adventure: school, university and library working in partnership to write a book in a day in English 4-11 Number 49, Autumn 2013 English Association and United Kingdom Literacy Association
  • University identified in 3 articles about Transforming Writing project written by Pie Corbett in Primary Teacher Update Volume 1, Issues 21, 22, 23 June, July and August 2013
  • 2013 The Soma Story Project in English 4-11 Number 47, Spring 2013 English Association and United Kingdom Literacy Association
  • 2009 Teachers and TAs as Writers. Junior Education.
  • 2006 Back to the Future: Drama and Writing 12. (4) Primary English Magazine
  • 2003 Writing assignments for RE. 8. (4). Primary English Magazine
  • 2002 Writing Across the Curriculum Primary English Magazine
  • 2000 Guided Writing Primary English Magazine
  • 1999 Crafting units of meaning Primary English Magazine
  • 1999 Put them on the spot in reading Times Educational Supplement
  • 1998 Reading; Going in for grouping 2 Primary English Magazine
  • 1998 Reading; Going in for grouping 3 Primary English Magazine
  • 1998 Reading: Passports to success Primary English Magazine
  • 1997 Reading; Going in for grouping 1 Primary English Magazine
  • 1996 Comfort Stop: Libraries Times Educational Supplement
  • 1994 Times Educational Supplement Book reviews
  • NLS KS3 Guided Writing. 2000 Video


  • (2011) Enjoying Writing Together Conference (organiser)
  • (2010) Teachers and TAs as Writers Phase 2, UKLA International Conference, University of Winchester
  • (2008) Teachers and TAs as Writers Phase 1, National Teachers Conference
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