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Mary is a Senior Lecturer in Education. She leads the Early Years subject specialism on the B.Ed. /M.Ed. and also teaches on the English team. She is currently module leader for the undergraduate research modules. She is a trained children’s librarian and as a qualified teacher has worked across the early years and primary age range.

Mary also worked as a researcher on an ESRC funded project based at Bristol University and her PhD research explored how parents and teachers working together can support children’s literacy learning.

Higher Education Teaching Qualification

Senior Fellowship (SFHEA)



Areas of expertise

Mary's main areas of expertise are in early years education; literacy; and qualitative research with young children. 



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Chapters in Edited Books

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Peer reviewed journal articles

  • Scanlan, M. (2012) “Cos um it like put a picture in my mind of what I should write”: an exploration of how home-school partnership might support the writing of lower achieving boys, in Support for Learning, Vol. 27, No.1, pp. 4-10.
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Published conference proceedings

  • Hughes, M., Andrews, J., Feiler, A., Greenhough, P., Johnson, D., McNess, E., Osborn, M., Pollard, A., Salway, L., Scanlan, M., Stinchcombe, V., Winter, J. and Yee, W.C. (2005) Exchanging Knowledge between Home and School to Enhance Children’s Learning. Paper presented at TLRP seminar on ‘Contexts, communities and networks: Mobilising learners’ resources and relationships in different domains’, Glasgow Caledonian University. http://www.tlrp.org/dspace/handle/123456789/113
  • Scanlan, M., Salway, L., & Stinchcombe, V. (2004) Exchanging Knowledge between Home and School to Raise Attainment. Paper presented at the National Teacher Researcher Conference, Birmingham. (http://www.ntrp.org.uk/node/190 )
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  • Scanlan, M (2016) "What do trainee teacher teachers think about research and research informed practice?" Paper presented at TEAN conference Birmingham City University
  • Scanlan, M. (2008) Opening the Box; Artefacts and Identity. Paper presented at UKLA International Conference Identities, Cultures and Literacies, Liverpool Hope University.
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