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I am a Lecturer in Political Economy in the Department of Applied Social Sciences, Forensics and Politics. I joined the Department in 2019, and I hold a PhD from SOAS University of London. My research interests focus on economic crises and capitalist restructuring in times of crises, and my approach lies at the intersection between heterodox economics and International Political Economy. In my doctoral research I looked at the political economy of the crisis in the Eurozone and specifically its causes and manifestations in the case of Portugal. The thesis analysed Portugal’s economic vulnerabilities prior to the crisis, and it also interrogated the relationship between internal and external drivers of neoliberal adjustment. Recently, I have extended my interest in economic crises to investigate the relationship between Covid-19 and the current recession, as well as policy solutions to the crisis notably in relation to public banking. I am working on a project on public banks’ role in mitigating the effects of the pandemic and the recession.

Prior to joining the University of Winchester, I was a Teaching Fellow in International Political Economy at King’s College London, where I am currently a Visiting Lecturer. I am a Research Associate at SOAS and a member of Reteaching Economics. Before pursuing a doctoral degree, I worked at the United Nations Association Norway and briefly at the Norwegian Embassy in Brazil. I speak Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish.





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