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Karin Stowe has been a senior lecturer teaching at different Universities in the UK for the last 18 years. He has also been a practicing award-winning documentary filmmaker and photojournalist for the last 25 years. He is currently comember of the documentary, film and media training cooperatives Citizen Camera and Aweland films working in the 3rd sector producing documentary films, media and running media training for charities and indigenous communities. His photography and articles have been published in major UK and world media and news outlets, whilst documentary films have won international competitions and been screened on television stations worldwide. His teaching spans across the theoretical and technical aspects of documentary, film and media with a specialism in filmmaking, photography and multimedia online representation. As a media practitionerconsultingin the industry he has the ability to incorporate industry standards, commerce and practical experience into his teaching; constantly modifying content to reflect the changing media environments. Karin also has a deep theoretical, conceptual and historical awareness and knowledge of various forms of media communication, looking at elements such as visual anthropology, ethics, notions of truth and subjectivity, representation and observation. These combined skills and experience provide a holistic teaching practice that develops students into successful media theorists, communicators and practitioners in industry and further education. Karin undertook a degree in Fine Art photography and communications and a PGCE/FE specialising in expressive behaviourism. Karin has a keen interest in physiotherapy. Undertaking a 3-year degree in Japanese body manipulation (MRSS, Shiatsu) and physiotherapy becoming a lead practitioner for 5 years at the Multiple Sclerosis centre in Shoreham, Sussex. He still practices and is a keen martial artist and weekend urban explorer. Karin and his co-opetaives partner advise and work on worldwide media campaigns for organisations like Save the Children, Amnesty and Green Peace as well as working with smaller grass root NGO's.

Documentary, film and media training: Citizen Camera.

Creative film and media campaigns: Aweland films

Areas of expertise

  • Documentary film
  • Photojournalism and representation
  • Indigenous and 3rd sector filmmaking and training
  • Social and political manipulation by the media and news.  
  • Representation of the Other from Anthropological to Ethnographic
  • Alternative journalism and news practices


  • ASIA and WORLD WIDE - 1998 to 2005
    Various photojournalism image publications for magazines, newspapers and news stations; see site for examples:
    Articles: work undertaken in Myanmar (Burma) before independence, examining the brutal regime and the human rights abuse by the then military government:http://munen-mushin.com/burningburma.pdf
    Working in the Philippines examining the problems created by over mining by western companies: http://munen-mushin.com/undermined.pdf
  • TIBET and NEPAL 2005 to 2008
    "Recollecting Tibet" 1-hour documentary film 2008: award-winning film working with the Tibetan Government living in exile in India and freedom fighters in Tibet. shortlisted for worldwide film festivals see site for information, press packs and watch film
  • AFRICA 2009-2010
    NGO training and media development with Citizen Camera working with NGOs Children of Uganda. Training NGOs and clients in media practice using film, photography and journalism skils.
  • ZIMBABWE 2009-2010
    "Mugabe, Me and a Million Tampons" 2-hour documentary film 2011: Award winning investigative documentary film into human rights crimes in Zimbabwe, shortlisted for worldwide film festivals see site for information, press packs and watch film
  • GUATEMALA 2011-2012
    Guatemala media research project with The University of Winchester RKE (Research Knowledge exchange) and Cultural Survival June 2011/12.http://guatemalafilms.yolasite.com/
  • EL SALVADOR 2011- 2012
    Working with Friends of the Earth UK/El Salvador producing promotional film and media to promote issues relating to climate changes in El Salvador.http://www.cesta-foe.org.sv/ see current promo work athttp://www.citizencamera.com/documentary.php
  • HONDURAS 2012/13
    Working with the Garifuna people on the Northern coast of Honduras. http://www.ofraneh.org/ofraneh/index.html making the documentary film 'Honduras for Sale'http://hondurasfilm.yolasite.com/.
    Working with Sumatran Orangutan Society, producing a documentary and news material on the subject of deforestation and animal rights http://www.orangutans-sos.org/ published in the Daily Mail UK.
    Filming and news stories about Buddhist - Muslim tension and attacks. Multi-Media film projects see:http://www.citizencamera.com/multimedia.php
    The Central Asian Falconry projecthttp://centralasianfalconry.org/ recording stories about the last traditional eagle hunters using cameras to see from the perspectives of animal and trainer. Undertook a project with a NGO that safeguards sex workers called Podruga http://www.podruga-kg.com/. The project challenged the prettification of human rights stories via visual stylisation. We worked in brothels using Polaroid cameras to try and create a visual realism and reduce the creative influence from the practitioner and camera.
    Promotional media produced for a new green energy start up company including a successful 1 million pound start-up film for businesses and 2 experimental creative energy films for the viral campaign. See Our Work:http://www.awelandfilms.com/
  • Refugee work -2015 2017 - variuos NGO's, news stations and broadcast outlets.
    Campaign content gathering to promote differing issues relating to refugees and children around the world See Our Work:http://www.awelandfilms.com/
  • Most work undertaken is on a pro-bono basis and I work as a adviser and consultant for many charities and news stations around the world with Awelandfilms and Citizen Camera. The teaching work I undertake during the summer's between University study time empowers indigenous peoples to tell their own stories.
  • 2018 projects - see aweland and citizen camera websites for the latest projects.
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