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Areas of expertise

  • Alcohol and drug interventions (including treatment)
  • Problem substance use Policy
  • Mental health psychological interventions and treatment



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Edited Books   

  • Tobutt, C. & Dyer, K. (eds.) (forthcoming) Understanding, Treating and Managing Addiction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Including Chapters as follows:

  • Tobutt, C. Alcohol and drug prevention in the workplace;
  • Tobutt, C. Engagement in treatment: Motivational interviewing
  • Tobutt, C. (ed.) (2011) Alcohol and the Workplace. Farnham: Gower
  • Tobutt, C. (ed.) (2011) Alcohol and the Workplace. London: Gower.

Articles and chapters in edited books

  • Tobutt, C. (2011) Introduction: alcohol and the workplace. In: Tobutt C. (Ed.) Alcohol and the Workplace. London: Gower.
  • Tobutt, C. (2011) The nature of the problem: examining the evidence. In: Tobutt, C. (Ed.) Alcohol and the Workplace. London: Gower.
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  • Tobutt, C. (2011) Alcohol screening and assessment. In: Tobutt C. (Ed.) Alcohol and the Workplace. London: Gower.
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  • Trenowth, S., & Tobutt, C. (2008) Assessing alcohol use and misuse in primary care. In: Martin, C. (Ed.) Identification and Treatment of Alcohol Dependence. Consort, Cumbria: M&K Update Ltd.

Peer reviewed papers

  • Tobutt, C. (2015) Alcohol: brief interventions for hazardous drinking and dependency. British Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 4(2), 87-93.
  • Tobutt, C., & Milani, R. (2010) Comparing two counselling styles for hazardous drinkers charged with alcohol-related offences in a police custody suite: Piloting motivational interviewing brief intervention or a standard brief intervention to reduce alcohol consumption. Advances in Dual Diagnosis Journal, 3(4), 20-32.
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Published conference proceedings

  • Tobutt, C. (2014) Competence frameworks for supervisors - proficiency or competence?and Motivational Interviewing. International Conference on Motivational Interviewing, June 12th-16th June, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Cole, S., McMaster, F., Kaplan, S. and Tobutt, C. (2011) Motivational interviewing: The Evidence and the Promise. Bio-behavioral Processes and Health: Understanding Mechanisms, Implementing Interventions. Symposium 1130, American Psychosomatic Society, 69th Annual Scientific Meeting, March 9-12, San Antonio, Texas, USA.
  • Tobutt, C., Townshend, J., Milani, R. and Strang, J. (2010) Pilot Research Study Comparing Motivational Interviewing Brief Intervention or Standard Brief Intervention: Drinking Outcomes of Hazardous Drinkers Charged with Alcohol-related Offences. Poster Presentations at Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers Forum, San Diego, USA.
  • Tobutt, C. and Hughes, L. (2009) Dual Diagnosis Training and Research for those Working in Prison Healthcare. Pan London Lifelong Learning Network Seminar, London, Abstract 3.


​Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) Forum, Krakow, Poland, 2013.

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