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I have a B.ED Hons degree from Homerton College, Cambridge where I specialised in mathematics. Having gained Qualified Teacher status, I began my teaching career in primary schools where I taught all aspects of the National Curriculum. My interest in mathematics teaching continued to grow and so I changed school this time to a Middle School (Year 5-8); as Head of Mathematics I able to spend a far greater proportion of my time teaching the subject. In 1999, with the introduction of the National Numeracy strategy I became a Primary Numeracy Consultant and so worked with a large number of schools across a local authority with the aim of raising standards in mathematics. With the introduction of the Key Stage (KS) 3 Strategy for Mathematics I changed my conditions of employment so that I divided my time between KS2 and KS3.  A key focus of that work was to maintain the momentum of pupils progress from primary school into secondary school.

I joined the University of Winchester in 2003 as a member of the mathematics team. In this role I contribute to a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes working with both students in the initial stage of their teacher education and practicing teachers. In 2008 I completed a thesis which explored methods of calculation used by primary aged pupils. In 2009 I was part of a successful bid to the DFE to lead a project to work in partnership with a range of Local Authorities across the region to develop a group of Primary Mathematics Specialist teachers.  I am currently PGCE Primary Programme Leader. 

Areas of expertise

Primary Mathematics


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