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Caroline Wilson LLB, LLM, PCAP (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice) is Senior Lecturer in Business Law and Corporate Governance. She has an undergraduate and Master's degree in Law from University College London (University of London), where she was also the recipient of UCL and University of London academic scholarships.

In 2010, following fifteen years of full-time academia, Caroline began working full-time as a legal consultant specialising in legal and ethics training, accountancy professional education and inter-disciplinary research and training. 

Caroline brings more than twenty years’ experience from the private sector and academe to her teaching and research at the University of Winchester, where she has been a part-time member of staff since 2015, whilst continuing to work as a consultant. She has extensive experience of professional accountancy training and has been on the examination team for national and international ACCA professional accountancy examinations.

Earlier academic and research appointments include:

  • Baker & McKenzie Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law (2001-2010) University of Southampton School of Law, University of Southampton
  • Field Fisher Waterhouse Fellowship in IP Law and part-time Lecturer (1997-2001) Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, CCLS, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Research Officer, National Institute of Economic & Social Research (1996-1998), NIESR, London

Areas of expertise

  • Caroline’s research interests relate to governance, intangible assets, innovation and the legal and ethical regulation of near-future technologies
  • Her teaching interests lie in legal compliance and ethics for accountants, corporate governance, intellectual property (IP) and IT law issues, and, entrepreneurship


  • [Pending] Wilson, C. “Law, Ethics & Governance for Accountants,” forthcoming 1st edition e-book
  • [Pending] Wilson, C. ““Effective Revision for Accountants: Revising Smarter, not Harder,” forthcoming 1st edition e-book
  • [Pending] Wilson, C. “Domain Names and Trade Marks,” and two Copyright Chapters in the forthcoming 4th edition of “Law and the Internet,” (Hart)
  • Wilson, C., Tiropanis, T., Rowland-Campbell, A. and Fry, L. “Ethical and legal support for innovation on Web Observatories,” Web Science 2016 Conference Proceedings, ISBN: 978-1-4503-4360-2. D.O.I.
  • Wilson, C. “Domain Names and Trade Marks: an Uncomfortable Inter-relationship,” book Chapter in the 3rd edition of “Law and the Internet” (2009, Hart) pp.311-333
  • Saxby S. and Wilson, C. “IT Law in Context: A Critical Overview” in Hetherington, S. (ed) Halsbury’s Laws of England Centenary Essays 2007. LexisNexis Butterworths: ISBN 13: 9781405 733 915
  • Edwards, E. and Wilson, C. “Redress and alternative dispute resolution in EU cross-border e-commerce transactions” 3 [2007] International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 315 – 333, Routledge
  • Wilson, C. “Internationalised Domain Names: Problems and Opportunities.” [2004] CTLR 174 – 181
  • Wilson, C. Nutshells in Intellectual Property Law, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 2005, 128 pages
  • Wilson, C. Nutshells in Intellectual Property Law, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 2002, 100 pages
  • Maniatis, S. and Wilson, C. ‘Review of Trade Mark and Passing Off Cases,’ Trade Mark Yearbook 2002
  • Morgan, J., Genre, V. and Wilson, C. “Measuring Employment Security in Europe using Surveys of Employers.” Industrial Relations, Vol.1, No.1 (2001)
  • Matthews, D. and Wilson, C. “The Single European Market in Pharmaceuticals” (1999) Medicine & the Law p.401-427

Practitioner publications

  • Responsible for selected practitioner articles for the LexisNexis PSL service on the topics of Open Data and the Semantic Web and filmed interview for the LexisNexis’ WIPIT blog
  • Olsen, Maniatis and Wood, “Domain Names: Global Policy and Procedure”, London, West/Sweet & Maxwell, 2000, ISBN: 0421727209 [Contributing editor 2000-2002, then co-editor during 2002-2005]
  • Wilson et.al., ‘Intellectual Property’ (Chapter 2, pp.2.100 – 2.820) of Saxby, S. (ed) Encyclopedia of IT Law. (London: Sweet & Maxwell, 1990, ISBN 9780421372108 [Chapter 2 contributor from 2001 to 2004]
  • Olsen, Maniatis, Garrigues, “Trade Marks, Trade Names, and Unfair Competition: World Law and Practice”, London, Sweet & Maxwell, 1996, ISBN: 0752002759 [Contributing editor from 2001-2003]

Reviewing roles

  • Report Correspondent of the Panel of the Computer Law & Security Report (Elsevier Ltd, ISSN 0267-3649). [Report Correspondent from July 2006-2008]
  • Also on the reviewing committee for papers for a number of international conferences, e.g. the Web Science 2015 conference, the International Conference on Legal Security and Privacy Issues (LSPI) Hamburg April 30-May 2, 2006 and regularly review for academic journals

Reports, panel debates & media work

  • Ethics Panel member at the Web Science Institute Ethics Symposium, July 19, 2016, London, UK
  • LexisNexis WIPIT blog Creative Law Series, filmed Copyright interview, December 2013
    Television interview by CNBC, broadcast in February 2009, on the topic of illegal streaming of Premiership football matches. Also interviewed for a report in The Guardian (November 2008) on the same topic
  • Radio interview (Ocean FM in November 2007) on Government loss of personal data
  • Panel member of Workshop 2: Models for Geospatial Rights Management, (Wilson, C. “Legal Aspects of Creative Commons,”), Cambridge Geography Conference 2007 (Expanding horizons in a shrinking world), July 16, 2007, Cambridge, UK
    Panel member, alongside Dave Rowntree (Blur), Martin Talbot (Editor, Music Week) and Richard Mollet (Director of Public Affairs, BPI) for a recorded public debate on sound recording copyright extension (“Release the Music” debate, Open Rights Group (ORG). November 13, 2006, London)
  • Co-author of European Parliament Briefing Note (see Edwards and Wilson (2007), “Redress and alternative dispute resolution in EU cross-border e-commerce transactions” IP/A/IMCO/NT/2006-31)


  • [Forthcoming] Wilson, C. “Web Observatories and legal and ethical best practice: avoiding Ronald Dahl’s The Magic Finger” GikII 2016, September 30, 2016, London, UK
  • Wilson, C., Tiropanis, T., Rowland-Campbell, A. and Fry, L. “Ethical and legal support for innovation on Web Observatories”, Data-Driven Innovation on the Web Workshop, Webscience 2016 conference, May 22-25, 2016, Hannover, Germany
  • Wilson, C. “Gut Symmetries: Propertising and Monetising FMT,” in GikII 2015, September 24 and 25, 2015, Berlin, Germany
  • Wilson, C. “Algorithms and Accountability: A Legal Perspective,” at the WSI Privacy and Trust in the Era of Big Data analytics event. June 8, 2015, Digital Catapult Centre, London, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Cross words: the Centenary Year,” in GikII 2014. August 31-September 2, 2014, Brighton, UK
  • Jennings, P and Wilson, C. “Dark Matter: Seen but not Counted – the Concept of Goodwill in Accounting and Law,” the EIASM 9th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Intangibles, Intellectual Capital ad Extra-Financial Information. September 26-27, 2013, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • Wilson, C. “Open data, IFRS and XBRL,” at the EIASM 9th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Intangibles, Intellectual Capital ad Extra-Financial Information. September 26-27, 2013, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg, Denmark
  • Wilson, C. “A whole new world? Amazonian Fan Fiction: Legal and Moral issues with Kindle Worlds,” in GikII 2013. September 16-17, 2013, Bournemouth, UK
  • Jennings, P. and Wilson, C. “Leaving, on a ghost train: or, where technology meets trainspotting and direct action,” in in GikII 2012. September 17-18, 2012, London, UK
  • Wilson, C. “The Power of Thought, or, how far to Helva?: Anne McCaffrey, AI, Bionics, BCIs, Cyborgs, Neuroscience and Robotics,” in GikII 2012. September 17-18, 2012, London, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Whistle while you work: corporate whistleblowing, corporate openness and linked data,” in GikII 2011. June 26-28, 2011, Göteborg, Sweden
  • Wilson, C. “Openness: Exploring the Commercial Challenges and Opportunities,” in the SCL Policy Forum, September 20, 2010, Herbert Smith, London, UK
  • Addis, M., Taylor, S., Fletcher, R., Wilson, C., Fallon, F., Alani, H., Mutschke, P. and Wandhoefer, T. “New ways for policy makers to interact with citizens through open social network sites - a report on initial results,” at the Internet, Politics, Policy 2010: An Impact Assessment (IPP2010), 16-17 September 2010, Oxford, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Political Discourse 2.0: A Critical consideration of the appropriate legal restrictions to scraping, mining and seeding political discourse on social networking sites” at the SLS 2010 Conference. September 13-16 2010, Southampton UK
  • Wilson, C. “Is it Politic? Policy-makers' use of SNSs in policy-formation” in GikII2010. June 28-29, 2010, Edinburgh, UK
  • Williams E. and Wilson C. “Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave: The Challenge for Employment Law in Regulating the Professional-Social Divide where this is Blurred by Technology” at the University of Kingston Employment Law Workshop. May 14, 2010, London UK
  • Wilson, C. “Copyright on the Web: Looking for a Snap Answer to a Fundamental Conflict.” At WebSci’10, April 2010, Raleigh, USA
  • Wilson, C. “Twit or Tweet? Legal Issues Associated with Twitter and other MicroBlogging Sites” in GikII2009, September 17-18, 2009, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Wilson, C, “Online behaviour and changing social norms: Do we need to redefine what constitutes plagiarism?” at WebSci’09, March 18-20, 2009, Athens, Greece
  • Wilson, C. “Not so Wiley: Roadrunner™ and Patent law” in GikII2008, September 24-25, 2008, Oxford, UK
  • Wilson, C, “Plagiarism: Concepts and Contexts” in the BILETA 2008 Conference, March 27-28, 2008, Glasgow, UK.
  • Wilson, C. “Domain Names in Turkey,” at the Ankara Bar Association International Law Congress 2008, January 8-11, 2008, Ankara, Turkey
  • Wilson, C. “Trade Mark Law in an Online Future – coming to its senses?” in GikII 2 Workshop, September 19, 2007, London, UK
  • Wilson, C. and Onishi, H. “The online persona: Hikikomori, avatars and Japanese intellectual property law” in the BILETA 2007 Conference, April 16-17, 2007, Hertfordshire, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Patent Law Reform: Rethinking Inventive Step” at the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) conference, September 6-7, 2006, Keele, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Online and Offline Identity: Introducing the Janus Hypothesis” in GikII, VIth World Computer Law World Conference, September 4-8, 2006. Edinburgh, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Not such a cheap shop window: IP problems arising from Internet Advertising’” in the BILETA 2006 Conference, April 6-7, 2006, Malta
  • Wilson, C. “The Domain Name WHO-IS debate: the privacy concerns of domain name registrants and spam recipients.” at the AHRC Privacy Workshop, September 5, 2005, Edinburgh, UK
  • Wilson, C. “Expanding the domain name system (DNS) with Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) – a victory for the internationalisation of the Internet or not?” in the BILETA 2005 Conference, April 6-7, 2005, Belfast, UK
  • Wilson, C. “The Impact and Importance of Internationalised Domain Names to Asia” in The Role of Law in a Developing Asia – Asian Law Institute (ASLI) inaugural conference, May 27-28, 2004, Singapore
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