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Get involved

The University of Winchester and Winchester Student Union offer over 150 opportunities to get involved with activities outside your degree, including sport clubs and Societies, Interest Groups, Extra-curricular Academic Engagement, Jobs on Campus and Volunteering – and taking part in such activities equips you with a broad range of transferrable skills which will prepare you for life after University and make your CV look great.

For example, being a member of the Climbing and Mountaineering Club will equip you with skills such as problem solving, perseverance and ability to work under pressure. Joining the Fashion Society will grow your communication and networking skills. Taking part in academic engagement activities can develop your research capabilities, and our volunteering schemes can provide you with great leadership opportunities.

Please take a look at the opportunities listed below.


American Football Team (Winchester Silverback)

Athletics Team

Badminton Team (Winchester Eagles)

Women’s Basketball Team (Winchester Angels)

Men’s Basketball Team (Winchester Knights)

Cheerleading Team (Winchester Spirits)

Boxing Club (Winchester Titans)

Cricket Team

Women’s Dodgeball Team (Winchester Bulletes)

Men’s Dodgeball Team (Winchester Bullets)

Women’s Football Team (Winchester Gecko’s)

Men's Football Team

Futsal (Indoor Football Team)

Women’s Hockey Team

Men’s Hockey Team

Judo Team

Women’s Netball Team

Polo (Horse) Team

Quidditch Team

Rounder’s Team (Winchester Bats)

Women’s Rugby Team

Men’s Rugby Team

Ski and Snowboard Team

Swimming Team (Winchester Rays)

Women’s Tennis Team (Winchester Unicorns)

Men’s Tennis Team

Trampolining Team

Ultimate Frisbee Team 

Volleyball Club (Winchester Royals)

Dance Squad (Winchester Wolves)

Pole Fitness

Climbing and Mountaineering

With almost 30 unique and different sports teams, there is something for every student! Be sure to visit Winchester Student Union’s website for a definitive list of all the teams available to you.

Societies and interest groups

Action for Refugees Network: A representational network for students from refugee backgrounds.

Afro-Caribbean Students Network: A representational network bringing together those from different cultures and backgrounds.

Alternative Music Society: A society for those who identify with anything different musically (i.e. outside of mainstream pop).

Beyond Law: A society encouraging students to consider all career options beyond law pathways.

British Sign Language Society: A society where you can learn basic British sign language.

Busking Society: A group of students who come together to create music in a laidback and comfortable environment, and play in streets of Winchester.

Christian Union: A student society interested in discussing and spreading the word of God and Jesus.

Commuting Students Network: An opportunity for commuters to meet and get to know each other, thereby ensuring that their university experience does not feel isolated.

Conservative Society: A group open to everyone regardless of their political views, yet are brought together by shared conservative values.

Cosplay Society: A society which embraces all kinds of immersive fan culture including Marvel, anime, video games and comics.

Disabled Students Network: A representational network supporting students with disabilities.

Disney Society: A society for those with an interest in all-things Disney.

Doctor Who Society: A society for those interested in the Doctor Who universe.

Fashion Society: A society interested in discussing fashion events and news, and also developing their skills in the area.

Feminism Society: A group of students who focus on exploring feminism and its intersections.

Gaming Society: A society which offers opportunities for students to socialise with others around the central theme of gaming.

Harry Potter Society: A society for those who are casual fans, or hardcore Potterheads.

International Students Network: A social society open to every student, providing support to the University’s international students.

Irish Dance Society: A society for those interested in learning about the art of Irish dance.

Islamic Students Network: A representational society for Muslim students and all those interested with Islamic faith.

K-pop Society: A society bringing together students that share a passion for the Korean culture and music.

Law Society: A society for those interested in Law.

Marrow Society: The University group of Anthony Nolan (the blood cancer charity), helping to recruit individuals join the stem cell register.

Mature and Part-time Students Network: A representational network for mature (aged 21+) and part-time students.

Manga and Anime Society: A society for students to indulge in Japanese culture such as comics, film series and games.

Medieval Living History Society: A group of students dedicated to re-enacting 12th century Norman England life.

Mooting Society: A society specialising in developing their mooting skills, providing help to Law students and students interested in a legal career.

Negotiation Society: A society geared towards negotiation and mediation skills for Law students, but open to all.

Performing Arts Winchester (PAW): A society engaging with Winchester’s Performing Arts Students. Sub-societies including: Let’s Glee, Let’s Act, Let’s Tech and Let’s Dance.

Philosophy & Co. Society: A society for those interested in philosophical and ethical discussions.

Photographic Society: A society for those interested in developing their photography skills.

POM Dance Team: Winchester’s dance team which supports the Student Union’s sports team.

Raising and Giving (RAG) Society: A society which provides students with an opportunity to raise funds for charitable causes they care about.

Rambling Society: A walking society which involves going for rambles through the local countryside.

Sound Radio: A student radio society.

Spectrum Network: A supportive and welcoming society for people within the LGBTQPIA+ community.

Student Christian Movement: A social group that discusses/participates in activities relating to spirituality and social justice issues.

Sword Fighting Society: An incorporation of freestyle martial arts with synthetic sparring swords.

Teaching Society: A society bringing together students interested in a career in teaching.

Veggie and Vegan Society: A society for those interested in all things veggie and vegan.

CoppaFeel! Society: A society which raises awareness of breast cancer, and also fundraises for the charity Coppafeel!

WARGS: A table-top gaming society.

Wine Tasting Society: A society geared towards learning about (and tasting!) all types of wines.

Be sure to visit Winchester Student Union’s website for a definitive list of all the societies available to you.

The University’s Music Centre also provide an array of over 20 musical ensembles, choirs and groups ready for any student to get stuck into.

Extra-curricular (academic/university engagement)

Alfred: The University of Winchester’s student journal, showcasing students’ academic contributions.

Centre for Gender Studies Annual Symposium: An event in which staff and students are invited to present their original research which looks at interdisciplinary perspectives on Gender.

Contemporary Themes and Issues in Global Politics: An open online module looking at themes surrounding politics in general but also within a global context.

Football Activators: An opportunity to oversee Winchester Sixes, Futsal and anything to do with football participation that isn’t a part of the BUCs league.

Institute for Value Studies: The promotion of liberal and moral education through various modules.

Introduction to Climate Change: An introductory course looking at the causes and impact of Climate Change, but also how individuals can mitigate these effects.

Making Sense of Religion Faith and Spirituality in Today’s World: An open module that sees students through a number of sections that explores the presence of religion in everyday life.

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL): A paid opportunity for 2nd and 3rd year students to lead weekly sessions on course material for 1st year students in order to help them better understand their course material.

Respect Trainer: Students who deliver ‘Respect’ talks during Welcome Week.

SMART Buddies: A paid opportunity for students to become an academic skills mentor to any student.

Splendid Fred Records: A spin off company/record label from the university, primarily focussed on students and their spoken word projects (e.g. podcasts, magazine shows, poetry etc.).

Student Academic Council: An opportunity to represent the student body at a strategic level with the university leaders.

Student Academic Representative (StARs): An opportunity to become the course representative for your Programme.

Student Fellows Scheme: An opportunity for students to work in partnership with a member of staff on an educationally developmental or student experience enhancing project.

Student Panel Member: A paid opportunity for students to be a part of a validation or revalidation panel scrutinising programmes.

Student Senate: The highest student committee of the Student Union.

Student Trustees: An opportunity for students to become a part of the Trustee Board, where students will champion and scrutinise the strategic direction of Winchester Student Union.

Study Abroad: An opportunity for students to study abroad and complete a semester exchange to a partnering university around the world.

TEL Champions: A scheme to help students (and staff) across the University to develop a digital mind-set and learn more about 'digital capabilities'.

Student Creators: Contribute to the university’s blog, written by students for students.

Winchester Research Apprenticeship Programme (WRAP): An opportunity to be paid to work with a staff member on a research project.

Winchester Scholars Scheme: A scheme designed to provide intellectual stimulation for students with an outstanding academic record

iDEA: The Duke of York Inspiring Digital Enterprise award.

Lean Foundations: Students learn about improving business processes and gain a qualification whilst doing so.

Inspiring Enterprise Programme: A programme to help budding entrepreneurs launch an idea for a business or social enterprise start-up.

Campus employment

(Catering) Customer Service Assistant: An opportunity to work for the Catering team via a number different job roles.

Casual Library Staff: An opportunity to help with basic duties within the university’s Martial Rose Library.

Creative Forces Student Ambassador: An opportunity for students from a military service background to share their experiences with service children and young people, their families, teachers and other key influencers.

Housing Helpers: Students work during Arrivals weekend to help with the moving in process of new students starting university.

Non-Medical Helper: Providing support for a disabled student who may need academic, social and/or practical assistance.

Referees: A course for those wanting to be a small-sided referee.

Residential Assistants: A part time position in which an RA acts as the first level of contact for students in accommodation.

Room Show-ers: Students open up their on campus bedroom for open day visitors to have a look around the room.

S.U. Shop Casual Assistant: Students have the opportunity to join and work for the Student Union in one of their commercial services.

Student Ambassadors: Student Ambassadors represent the University at external and internal recruitment events.

Student Helper (Arrivals Weekend): Students will meet and greet new students and their families/guardians during Arrivals Weekend.

Student Helper (Welcome Week): Students work to ensure all students feel welcome during Welcome Week.

Student Helpers (International): Students are to meet with international students and offer practical help during Arrivals and Welcome Week.

S.U. Bar Assistant: Students work with the Student Union to deliver standard bar work.

S.U. Executive Officer: An opportunity for students to become an elected representative of a specialist portfolio.

S.U. Front of House Assistant: An opportunity for students to work for the Student Union to manage various front-of-house roles.

S.U .Shop - Supervisor: An opportunity for students to supervise a Student Union shop based around campus.

Course Champions: Students provide subject specific information pertaining to their course to help prospective students (and their parents) gain better knowledge of programmes to study at Winchester.

Event Staff: Students provide tours of the campus and accommodation at Undergraduate Open Days.

Campus Assistant: A paid opportunity to assist with cleaning jobs around the university.


Accredited and Community Volunteering: Volunteering coordinated through our lovely Careers team.

Blackout Volunteers: Students take part in a university wide awareness raising event focussing on saving energy and reducing carbon footprint.

Give It A Go: A one-off volunteering opportunity (micro-volunteering) organised by Winchester Hub.

Green Team: A group of students and staff coming together to share good practice of sustainability work at the university.

LinkAges: Students can volunteer to tackle elderly isolation in Winchester – organised through Winchester Hub.

Responsible Futures Auditor: Students have the opportunity to audit the institution against a set criteria in relation to social responsibility and sustainability.

S.U. Executive Team Member: The opportunity to become a democratically elected member of the Student Union.

Schools Plus: A tutoring placement in primary and secondary schools, specifically catering for children from disadvantaged backgrounds – organised through Winchester Hub.

Student Listeners: A peer support scheme run by students for students.

Student Switch Off Ambassadors: An opportunity for students to help promote ‘Student Switch Off’ – an energy and recycling competition.

Tennis Ambassador: Represent and promote recreational Tennis-related activities on campus.

Winchester Hub Committee Member: Become an integral part of the Winchester Hub through eight different roles.

Woolly Matters: A knitting group which fundraises for homelessness charities or meets socially – organised through Winchester Hub.

Youth Theatre: An opportunity to provide free access to the Arts to disadvantaged children – organised through Winchester Hub.

NUS National Conference Delegate: An opportunity to represent the needs of students at Winchester on a national level at the annual National Union of Students (NUS) Conference.

Social Innovation Programme: An opportunity for students to address challenges in their local area through research, idea generation and project development – organised through Winchester Hub.

Volunteering & Community Champions Awards Committee Member: Be a part of the team who organise The Volunteering & Community Champions Awards.





Please note that this list of opportunities is subject to change.


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