The University of Winchester Music Centre is extracurricular music department for staff, students and members of the local community.

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Choir at graduation

University of Winchester Music Centre

The University of Winchester Music Centre is the university’s co- and extra-curricular music department. Through music groups, performances, music facilities, personal development sessions and community events, we provide music making opportunities for current and past students, staff and members of the local community. There are regular rehearsals with our 17+ music groups, individual and group tuition, workshops, trainings and much more to engage with. Membership is free (although some tuition has a fee) and there are no auditions to take part.

So, whatever you’re studying, keep your music making alive by joining us.

Our choirs

King Alfred Singers

The King Alfred Singers is the University's founder choir. It is the busiest Music Centre choir performing throughout the year in a huge variety of venues including Winchester Cathedral, the University Chapel, local churches and other venues.

The choir performs a wide range of predominantly sacred music from all periods of musical history.


The choir is open to all students, staff and members of the local community. You don't have to be able to read music but it does help. This choir has the largest number of local communty members of all the WMC choirs.

The choir is divided into sopranos, altos, tenors and basses.

The choirs concert dress is all black (trousers or below the knee skirts) with purple accessories.


Performances have included:

  • Graduation Ceremonies in Winchester Cathedral
  • Walking in the Footsteps of the Past, St Bartholomews, Hyde, Winchester
  • Winchester Music Centre Showcase, University Chapel
  • University Carol Services, University Chapel
  • Choral Evensong in Winchester Cathedral
  • Space for Peace in Winchester Cathedral
  • Cathedral's Group Choir Festival
  • Conflict to Chorus Community Education Project, Winchester Cathedral
  • Hampshire Rose Thank you Concert, The Great Hall
  • Gloria!, Cathedral's Group Choir Festival 2016, Winchester Cathedral
  • Space for Peace, Southampton Vedic Temple & Winchester Cathedral

King Alfred Consort

The King Alfred Consort, is a classical chamber choir. Unlike all of Winchester Music Centre's other choirs, membership is by invitation. To be invited, singers must be a dedicated member of the King Alfred Singers. We expect members to be hard working singers with an ability to sight read/learn quickly. We also expect members to be friendly and welcoming to other singers and to conduct themselves appropriately within the music making environment.

The consort will comprise a different selection of singers for each event, determined by the pieces being performed. This allows for a larger number of singers to gain experience of singing in a smaller, more polished choir. Invitations will be made by the directors and a system of understudies may also be used from time to time.

Repertoire will be mainly classical (both sacred and secular). Concert dress is all black
(trousers or below knee skirts) with purple accessories.


If you are already an active member of the King Alfred Singers and would like to be considered for membership within the consort, please let the directors know. They will strive to accommodate all request wherever possible and appropriate.


Performances have included

  • Graduation Ceremonies in Winchester Cathedral
  • Walking in the Footsteps of the Past, Hyde, Winchester
  • Remembrance Service
  • Act of Worship for Governing Body
  • University Carol Services
  • Installation of the new University Chancellor
  • Alton Abbey summer concert
  • Romsey Abbey lunchtime concert

Folk & World Music Choir

Folk Choir is Winchester Music Centre's Folk and World Music Choir. A Gleeman is an Old English word for a professional musician and singer.


The majority of repertoire is taught by ear and is a collaborative effort. Repertoire comprises folk music from all over the world in many languages.

Concert dress is black with dark green accessories.


Performances have included:

  • Walking in the Footsteps of the Past, Hyde, Winchester
  • Winchester Music Centre Showcase
  • Space for Peace
  • ​In The Moment
  • Hyde Tavern, Winchester


The SONG is a contemporary full harmony choir. It performs a very varied repertoire of predominantly modern popular, rock and soul music. This choir is taught by ear so musical reading literacy is not required. The focus is on fun, beautiful, up beat, harmonious singing.


The choir is open to anyone of any ability.
The choir is often booked to perform at public events and weddings.
Concert dress is all black with red accessories.


The choir rehearses on Wednesdays during university term time. 14:00-15:30 in Paul Chamberlain Building 5 on the King Alfred Campus.


Previous performances have included:

  • Wacappella
  • Freshers Fayre
  • University Graduation Ceremonies, Winchester Cathedral
  • Walking in the Footsteps of the Past, Hyde, Winchester
  • Winchester Music Centre Showcases
  • Leonard Cohen Conference
  • Space for Peace, Wincheser Cathedral
  • SONG Sounds of New Gospel Show


Showstoppers is the resident musical theatre troupe which performs a very broad range of musical theatre repertiore from the earlist vaudeville shows right up to contemporary musicals like 'Matilda'. This is a dynamic, high energy choir which focuses on fun and focussed performances.


Everyone is welcome to join. Much of the music is taught by ear so musical literacy is not essential. The choir is divided into sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. As well as singing, the choir frequently involve dance, costume and props within their performances. They perform with a mixture of piano accompaniment, orchestra/band and backing tracks.

Every year, the choir presents a showcase of all the pieces they have learnt. This involves company numbers, small group performances as well as solo and duet opportunities. Everyone is given the chance to shine.

Concert dress is all black with white accessories.


Previous performances include:

  • Graduation Ceremonies, Winchester Cathedral
  • Winchester Music Centre Showcases
  • Annual Show


Resonance is a choir for lower voices open to anyone wanting to sing below middle c!

Singing a range if music, our focused rehearsals produce complex and sweet sounding harmonies.


Concert dress is all black with maroon accessories.

High Frequency

High frequency is open to all higher voice singers.


The choir is open to all upper register voices, whatever your singing experience.
Concert dress is all black with hot pink accessories.

Instrumental ensembles

String Gems

The String Gems is a string orchestra open to all string players of all abilities. It plays a huge range of music from classical to film and tv themes. Many of our members learn a string instrument through participation in this ensemble. It is open to members of the local community.


The ensemble is open to any string player of any ability. Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Bases. String players are also very welcome, you will be coached through participation in the group. There may also be an instrument for you to borrow as you learn.

Concert dress is all long black with gold accessories.

University of Winchester Concert Band

We attract a range of instrumentalists of all abilities and truly embody Winchester Music Centre’s ethos of inclusivity for all. Our repertoire spans a range of genres including (but not limited to) classical, movie and contemporary-popular music.

All are welcome, whatever your instrument. We're a fun ensemble who perform at the Winchester Music Centre Showcases plus do our own lunchtime concert each year.


Concert dress is all black with royal blue accessories.

African Drumming Ensemble

The African Drumming ensemble is a fun, friendly, community focussed group open to everyone. Learning both traditional rythms and devised new music, this group is run by students and has an enjoyable time and performs throughout the year.


Everyone is welcome to join, whatever your experience or ability. Winchester Music Centre owns a set of 20 Djembes and other African Drums plus a huge range of other hand percussion available for you to borrow at rehearsals.

Concert Dress is all black with light green accessories.

Wind Ensemble

A student initiated and led small group ensemble. Playing a wide variety of music, chosen by the members, this group is welcoming and yet focussed on producing fantastic music.


Membership open to all wind players, whatever their experience.

Jazz Collective

Playing traditional and modern jazz music, this group is fantastic for all lovers of jazz music and those who want to build their experience of improvisation. The group are in high demand all over the campus for various events and perform in the local community as well.


Open to trumpeters, clarinetists, trombonists, pianists, basists, drummers, banjo players or guitarists. Be ready to improvise and enjoy some fantastic jazz sounds.


Flute Ensemble

The flute ensemble meet every week to rehearse and perform some amazingly beautiful music for flute.


Membership is open to all flute players, whatever their experience or type of flute.

Brass Ensemble

The Brass ensemble is a small group of highly dedicated brass players performing music that they like for a variety of university events. Run by students, for students, this group make an amazing sound and include brass instruments of all sizes. All are welcome. They perform at the regular showcase performances, the University carol services and more. 

UKE Group

An ensemble for all things ukulele. A mixed repertoire of contemporary and fun music. Beginners welcome. Music literacy​ not required.


This group is a social group open to anyone. Foundation Music has a number of ukes available to borrow during rehearsals.

Steel Pan Ensemble

Winchester University steel pans welcome anyone from total beginners to the really experienced players. We play a wide variety of music from traditional steel band arrangements tio modern popular tunes and music from TV and film.


Membership is open to everyone.

Folk Band

New for 2018, a group of mixed musicians playing a wide variety of tradiational folk music from the British Isles.


Membership is open to everyone.

Chapel Music Group

The Chapel Music Group provides music for the regular and special Chaplaincy services. Open to all music makers including singers, pianists, drummers, guitarists and more. This worship group style ensemble meet each week to prepare the hymns and other music for the services. All are welcome. 

Music Excellence Awards

We offer two Music Excellence Awards to new students each year. These are worth £1500 over three years of study. Please see the bursaries page for full information.

Music Facilities

Practice rooms are available as well as instrument storage. Please ask for details.

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