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I’ve not been offered a place on my preferred course but for another course you offer, what does this mean?

It may be that when we received your results these were unsuitable for the course you had preferred and have therefore made you an alternative offer. Contact the university if you want to discuss the courses open to you with the grades you have achieved.

What will I have to say to when I call?

A member of our clearing team will take some of your details, name, email, UCAS ID number and will discuss the course options with you. They will need you to let them know the results you have received and will explain what happens next in the process.

Is the University accepting lower entry grades for place this year?

Universities set their own entry requirements for their courses, and these vary depending on the specific course. The entry requirements are set to ensure you have the right skills and knowledge to successfully complete the course. We will consider qualification achieved, suitability for the course and an interview or further requirements where relevant. We are aware that many peoples learning has been affected by Covid-19 and will take this into consideration when reviewing your application. This does not however mean that entry grade expectations are lower than in previous years and applicants will be reviewed on an individual basis.

I didn’t apply for university but now decided to go? What do I do?

If you have now decided that you would like to start university for Autumn 2021 then you would need to complete a UCAS application. This will need to include a referee and personal statement, if you are applying and selecting a referee at school or college make sure they know to look out for a reference request for you as this is sent directly to their email.

How long does it take to get an offer email?

It will depend on the university, but we aim to have an email from us within an hour. Often it can appear in your junk mail, so check all your email accounts. If a confirmation email has not come through within a couple of hours get back in touch.

Will there be new clearing places on 10th August that are not there on the 5th July?

There could be new courses, universities update UCAS regularly to reflect the courses they have available at the time. Its always worth double checking.

If I accept a clearing offer, how do I update student finance?

If you have already applied for student finance, you can log back into your account and amend where and what you are choosing to study. Student Finance will automatically recalculate the amount that you are entitled to if your preferences such as living at home whilst studying has changed.

When can I start (at uni) if I want to sit exams in autumn to get a better grade? Which courses have a January start?

It is thought that results for any exams that take place in the Autumn will not be made available until mid-December. Therefore, if you choose to resit our courses will have started and you will be unable to start this academic year. However, you could apply to join us in September 2022. Some universities have resit policies for competitive courses, worth checking for specific courses if they will accept resit grades.

How do I defer my place?

We will ask for written confirmation of your decision, so if you do plan to defer the confirmed place you are holding then please email with details of your name (as it appears on your UCAS application), UCAS ID number and why you would like to defer.

I was planning to defer and now I want to start in 2021. What should I do?

You would be best to contact admissions as soon as possible to see whether they are able to amend your application for you to be able to begin this year.

Will entry requirements be higher for students applying next year, could I be at a disadvantage if I defer?

There may be more competition for places next year if people defer this year. The numbers of students applying to university has steadily been increasing in recent years and for competitive courses there is likely still to be strong competition.