WINdow Higher Education

We work with both primary and secondary schools to talk about what university is about and aim to inspire the next generation.

WINdow on HE Primary Schools

Year 5

In Year 5, children meet Higher Education Ambassadors in school, spend time with them and find out about student life and studying at university. For many Year 5 children this is a completely new experience. They also participate in a skills-based career activity and consider their own 'dream jobs' for the future.

As well as children becoming more knowledgeable about what goes on at university and the benefits of higher education, the fun sessions also challenge some of the children's expectations.

School staff welcome the early introduction of university as an option for their children.

Year 6

We welcome Year 6 children to the University campus for day visits. During their visit the children explore the campus with Higher Education Ambassadors, seeing the places where students study, live and meet friends. They also take part in an interactive audience participation quiz and have a class photograph taken.

Year 6 children and school staff have been very enthusiastic about their visits to the University.

Junior Graduation

Year 6 children from participating schools take part in graduation ceremonies to mark their achievements at their junior or primary school and their transition to secondary school.

Traditional Andover Junior Graduation ceremonies have been incorporated into the project and continue to be organised in collaboration with Test Valley Borough Council. Basingstoke schools attend an extended campus visit which includes a graduation ceremony.

During ceremonies, the Year 6 children wear robes and mortarboards to receive their certificates and have their 'graduation' photograph taken. We are delighted to welcome families and carers to graduation ceremonies to celebrate their children's achievements and transition to secondary school.


WINdow on HE: Secondary schools and colleges

We visit schools and colleges to give aspiration raising workshops and organise visits to the University of Winchester. Every event is designed to provide information that generates enthusiasm and understanding of post 16 options.

Visits to Schools and Colleges

We work with students in Year 7, 9 and Year 10/11 offering interactive workshops. Each workshop follows a different topic, providing a thorough understanding of all the issues surrounding higher education. We often bring student ambassadors to facilitate workshops and provide examples of their experiences of the higher education system and their aspirations after graduation.

Examples of Off-Campus workshops:

Star Student Game (Year 7)

Star Student Game is an interactive game which helps students build a positive attitude towards higher education from a young age. In teams, students compete on a giant size playing board to become a 'Star Student' answering questions about education, social life and finance along the way. Star Student Game has proved to be a great hit with the schools and we expect many more students to take part this year.

Choices in my future/Options (Year 9)

A workshop thinking about options and other educational decisions students make after school. The class have the opportunity to quiz our Student Ambassadors to find out what post-16 route they took and why they decided to go to Higher Education.

Where next? (Year 10/11)

An interactive workshop looking at Higher Education and the potential benefits of attending. Using voting devices, students answer questions and explore their views on Higher Education, students vote whether different careers do or don't need a degree and what skills are needed in the workplace. Students also find out about student finance and what financial support is available. The session ends with a group task and debate on the importance of different skills in an 'end of the world' scenario.

Selling yourself! (Year 10/11)

An interactive workshop highlighting the importance of good interview techniques and what constitutes a good CV. The session begins with an amusing sketch highlighting the difference between a good and a bad interview followed by a discussion about how good interview skills can help when applying to further and higher education, and when applying for work placements. This session can also be useful to Year 10 students who are applying for work experience placements.

Visits to the University of Winchester

The Widening Participation team hosts 1-day non-residential visits for students in Year 8 and Year 10. Taster days provide an excellent opportunity for targeted learners to experience life on a university campus first hand, meet current undergraduates and sample different subjects offered at Higher Education.

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