A talk about Dowry-Related Violence

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Dowry-related violence

Wednesday 16 January

6pm - 8pm

West Downs Quarter, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Hampshire SO22 5HT

A talk about Dowry-Related Violence

Professor Tamsin Bradley (Professor of International Development Studies, University of Portsmouth) 

An applied social anthropologist working in international development, Tamsin has conducted research exploring the interfaces between gender, religion and development in India, Pakistan, Tanzania, Nigeria, Rwanda and Sierra Leone. Her current research focuses on gender-based violence, with specific projects exploring female genital mutilation in Africa and rape and dowry-related harassment in India.

How and why has this form of violence become so pervasive and what factors contribute to violence against women? In an attempt to answer this question, The Institute for Theological Partnerships (ITP) would like to focus more intently on the role of religion. The major religious traditions are all theological systems which many people believe have been instrumental in the process of gender control, to the detriment of women. ITP would like to open up a conversation about the role of religion in gender violence with the aim of raising awareness but in also providing some hope for a future free from violence against women. 

Institute for Theological Partnerships

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