Animal Welfare and Religion Symposium

Wednesday 2 November
The Stripe, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

Animal welfare is an increasingly important social concern. Advances in our understanding of animal sentience, of their capacities to suffer and experience pleasure, of their communicative and social characteristics, and others that are morally relevant, have increasingly led to a re-examination of their positions within and outwith our societies - and to a reconsideration of their moral status.

A wide range of voices have challenged traditional social uses of animals, and have called for stronger measures to protect their welfare. Where have religious voices been in this debate, and what have they been telling us? How and why do ethical and religious perspectives on animals differ, among differing religious traditions? Some have been criticised for providing ideological support for the exploitation of animals. Are the various religions doing enough to protect animals and their welfare? Is there more they could, and should, be doing? A diverse range of experts will present the viewpoints of various major religions concerning animals and their welfare.

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