Arachne’s Voice: Race, Gender and the Goddess

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Wednesday 9 May
6.30 pm
Room 5, Main Building, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR 

In the midst of new waves of antiracist activism and struggles to decolonise, it is an opportune moment to re-examine questions about race, gender and feminist politics in the western Goddess movement.

Celebrated as a spiritual, anti-patriarchal reclaiming of diversity, fluidity, plurality and interconnection, western Goddess spirituality nonetheless remains a predominantly white movement which tends not to engage with the colonial formations of modern society, and consequently, with the politics of women of colour.

Bringing thealogy, the concept of the Goddess and the divine feminine into conversation with critical race and postcolonial perspectives, this lecture will argue that colonial stories about race and gender continue to weave through the fabric of the contemporary Goddess movement. The lecture will pose and begin to explore the following question: what does it mean to re-imagine feminist spirituality in genuinely pluralistic terms?

Kavita Maya is an Early Career Researcher in the process of finalising her PhD at SOAS, University of London.

This is part of the Exploring Aspects of the Feminine Divine 2018 Lecture Series from the Institute of Theological Partnerships. For more information about the Institute, click here

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