Asherah, the Queen of Heaven and women's worship in the Hebrew Bible: A Re-assessment

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Feminine Divine

Wednesday 3 April

6.30pm for 7pm

Winton Building 5, King Alfred Quarter, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR

Opening our 2019 lecture series on Exploring the Feminine Divine, Dr Ann Jeffers will examine what we know of women's worship and ritual within the context of ancient Israel.

This session will look at both textual and material data related to the Hebrew Bible regarding women’s worship and rituals.
Taking into consideration new research on the religious pluralism in ancient Israel, Dr Jeffers will redraw the boundaries between private and public worship spaces as a means to reassess the place of women in the ancient Israelite religious landscape.

Furthermore, Dr Jeffers will look at a number of female figures e.g. Huldah, the unnamed woman of Endor, Zipporah, Tamar, Nehushta, whose role in worship was marginalised or suppressed by the biblical authors. Finally, the place of Canaanite goddesses Asherah and the Queen of Heaven will be examined and re-evaluated within the framework of women’s ritual practices.

Ann obtained her PhD in University College Dublin and taught Hebrew Exegesis in Trinity College Dublin before joining Heythrop College in 1990 where she was Senior Lecturer in Biblical Studies (Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and Second Temple Judaism) and the Convenor for the MA in Biblical Studies. Dr Ann Jeffers is Research Fellow at Roehampton University.

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