Betwixt and between: Interdisciplinary methodologies

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Thursday 22 March
Room 1, Main Building, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

The philosopher Alfred North Whitehead described Western philosophy as s series of footnotes to Plato. This was developed by Descartes into imagining thinking as separate from the body and the life of the emotions. This led to other ways of knowing being subjugated (Foucault/Gordon 1980) and devalued. Current thinkers such as Damasio (1994) have seen Descartes’ error as imprisoning our current views of education and research (Claxton, Lucas and Webster 2012) and limiting our views of what it is to be a human being. This paper will approach a topic as a crystal (Ellingson 2009) that can be examined by different methodologies to reveal different aspects. This presentation will look at how a variety of methodologies with associated strategies developed. These will include the following strands – feminism, postmodernism, postsecularism, queering. These will be refined into the following methodologies – phenomenology, grounded theory, narrative analysis, practice as research and autoethnography. It will illustrate how these can be used to explore a complete ecology of wellbeing (Williams 2017), examining the situating of human existence within a body, society, the natural world and the wider cosmos. It will see these as supporting the development of a culture of transformative personal, organizational, and social change that fosters and celebrates the highest human qualities and practices (Schulman 2012).

This fifth series continues to examine methodologies used in health and wellbeing research and is also broadening to include other health and wellbeing research-related topics. Participating researchers can explore critical challenges in research and knowledge exchange, share expertise and forge connections that will support the development of future projects across a wide range of themes. All welcome and please feel free to bring your lunch with you.

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