Big City Stories

Still from the archive film Big City Stories

Wednesday 19 February 2020
WB5, King Alfred Quarter, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, SO22 4NR

This meeting will provide the opportunity to gain insights into the experience of approaching history from an interdisciplinary approach through a partial screening and discussion of Big City Stories (2011, 80mins) which  is a compilation of archive footage, offering a new perspective on twentieth century life in an expanding and ever-changing London metropolis. The assembly of images reveals the shifting and often contrasting perceptions about the Black citizens of the UK at various key periods across the century, from 1911 to the 1920s, into the 1930s, “World War II”, and from the 1950s onward to 1995; by which time, areas such as Brixton and Notting Hill in London had gained iconic significance. Imruh Bakari is a filmmaker, writer and Lecturer in Film Studies at the Faculty of Arts in the University of Winchester. He will discuss the origins of the compilation co-curated with June Givanni of the June Givanni Pan-Africa Cinema Archive, and its relevance to current archival work. This will be framed within the ‘postcolonial’ concerns of his current research relating to some of the debates around archives and archiving, and the related issues of history and its narratives, representation, and cultural production.

Speaker: Imruh Bakari (University of Winchester)
Discussant: Xavier Guégan (University of Winchester)
Chair: Dr Graciela Iglesias-Rogers (University of Winchester)

This talk is hosted by the University's Modern History Research Centre.

No booking required. For further information, please contact the MHRC leading convenor, Dr Graciela Iglesias-Rogers

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