BPS Research Seminar Series: The Social Psychology of Social Prescribing Seminar 3: Building sustainable communities through volunteering

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Wednesday 10 April

10am - 3pm

West Downs Quarter, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Hampshire SO22 5HT

(Registration in the Link Gallery, Conference in UWBS1)

Social Prescribing has the potential to produce important benefits for individuals and communities. However, questions remain concerning how and for whom social prescribing works, and therefore how it can be effective and sustainable as a model of health service delivery. This event, the third in a series funded by the British Psychological Society, will address these questions by focusing on the role of the voluntary sector in social prescribing. It will draw on ideas from practitioners, as well as social psychological research on volunteering and health, in order to begin to identify and solve some of the key challenges faced by those delivering social prescribing programmes.

The event will be free. Refreshments will be provided, including tea/coffee and lunch. Registration will start at 9:30 and the event will finish at 15:00. There will be a strong focus on bringing together social prescribing practitioners and academics researching in the field of social prescribing. To this end, the day will run as a series of talks from voluntary sector organisations, volunteers and academics, interspersed with interactive workshops and networking opportunities. There will also be a poster session, to showcase best practice in this area, as well as research-informed evidence of the challenges and what works in voluntary sector-led social prescribing models.

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