Bringing Hyde Abbey to Life

Saturday 22 October
Hyde Parish Hall, 55 Hyde St, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 7DY

​​An exhibition featuring many of the recent activities and discoveries in the research into the history of the abbey.

A display of encaustic tiles from the abbey site discovered in Hyde, and the story of the project to reconstruct their original pattern.

The exciting results of the First Hyde900 Community Dig, held in April 2016, and preliminary details of the 2017 dig.

The story of the newly discovered roof timber from the abbey reused in Hyde, and a reconstruction of the building they came from.

A 3D interactive visualisation of the abbey complex which can be seen as it would have looked in the 13 century.Hyde Abbey can be viewed as it would have looked (based on research to date and according to visual and historical research on similar Benedictine Abbeys of the period). The 3D interactive virtual abbey will be accompanied by other buildings that would have been in place, both within the curtilage and just beyond. The viewer will be able to navigate to each of the different external parts of the abbey and accompanying buildings and discover the people that lived there, their role at the abbey and lifestyle. The platform for interacting with the Abbey will initially be via a PC, although it is hoped a touch screen monitor will also be available.

No booking required. No charge.

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