Can the Common Good be Good for Business?

Wednesday 18 October
The United Church, Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8RZ

The opportunity to make money acts as a powerful incentive for individual workers and employees, for entrepreneurs and executives of businesses, and for investors. There is nothing inherently wrong, immoral or anti-social about making a profit from trade: indeed, a business will ultimately fail unless its income exceeds its expenditure. But is the pursuit of private gain the only basis for successful and sustainable business?

In this session we look at how common good thinking can inform business practice and how business can help to build the common good. Specifically we consider recent trends towards mission-led businesses, initiatives to promote responsible business, and the potential of social enterprise in sectors ranging from financial services to energy, housing, training and health and social care.

This session will be given by the Rev’d Dr Philip Krinks. Philip Krinks is a former Partner of management consultants BCG and now serves as Director of St Martin's Partnership, which helps social enterprises, businesses, charities and public bodies to grow and develop sustainably and to expand their contribution to the common good. He is a parish priest in Winchester. ​

This is part of the series called The Common Good: An idea whose time has come? We have invited the speakers in this series to explore how, in an increasingly fragmented, unequal and divided society, the Common Good offers a way forward in which everyone can play a role.

The dates of the events in this series are Wednesdays 11, 18 and 25 October and 1 and 8 November 2017.

Join us as we explore and re-imagine The Common Good.

This series is held in conjunction with 'Space in the City' -

This series is part of the Centre for Theology and Religion in Public Life. For more information about the centre, click here

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