Centre for Gender Studies Symposium

Saturday 11 March
West Downs Campus, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5FT

​This Symposium is part of the University of Winchester celebrations for International Women's Day. It will consist of four panel sessions​:

​Panel One – Inclusive Masculinities 10:30-12:00

​The Impact of Gay Friendly Cultures on Religious Expression: A Study of Inclusive Attitudes and Behaviours Among Religious Adolescent Athletes - Luis Morales
Inclusive Masculinities in the lives and experiences of emerging adults in the American South - Bryan Thomas
Inclusive Colleges: The experiences of sexually diverse students and staff at one further education college in England - Adam White

​Panel Two – Equality 10:30-12:00

​Changing meanings of equality: 1970 Equal Pay Act and 2010 Equality Act - Terri Bickford
'A co-operative curricula: Is gender discussed equally within education?' - Jack Hancock
Conflict and negotiation over space that is both private and public: Tela-Houses - Michelle de Jongh

​Panel Three 13:30-15:00

Another Stupid White Man? Gender and Race in the Persona of Donald J Trump - Jude Davies
Whose Heritage is it Anyway?: Making Space for the Woman of Colour in Amma Asante’s Belle (2014) - Sarah Smyth
Raising the Race and Gender Consciousness of a Generation: Conceptualising Beyoncé as a Contemporary ‘Race Woman’ through an Exploration of Her Most Recent Album, Lemonade - Juliet Williams
Is It OK To Want To Be Child-Free? Unwilling Mothers in Recent Horror - Abigail Whittall

​Panel Four – Challenging Gender Norms – 13:30-15:00

​Mucky, Murderous & Mentally Unstable: The Portrayal of Bisexual Women in Popular Culture - Carol Shepherd
Catherine Marshall –feminist, pacifist, internationalist and activist - Alison Wilcox
Telling NATO’s Story of Afghanistan: Where are the women? -Katharine A. M. Wright

This event is part of the Centre for Gender Studies. For more information about the Centre, click here

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