Christian Theology in the Midst of COVID-19

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Wednesday 17 June, 12-6pm

COVID-19 has changed our lives suddenly and dramatically. As the crisis has unfolded, immediate responses at individual, community, national and international levels have of course focused on the actions needed to treat the sick, limit the spread of the infection and bring it under control, care for those who are particularly vulnerable, manage the economic impact of the pandemic, and so forth. At the same time, many people’s time and energy is consumed by sudden and major changes to working and domestic life, combined with the personal impact of the pandemic on them and their loved ones.

For Christian people, communities and theologians, however, there are also theological questions to be asked about the pandemic and our responses to it. There will doubtless be a time for more measured and extended reflection after the pandemic. However, there are also good reasons for at least attempting to begin the theological work now, in the midst of the crisis. 

It is planned that the conference will take place online on Wednesday 17 June from 12:00 to 18:00 British Summer time. Details of the online platform to be used will be confirmed later.

Proposals for papers of up to 3,000 words are invited on any of the questions outlined above, or others related to the theme. Since this is an initial exercise in theological reflection, it is recognised that papers might present first thoughts rather than definitive conclusions about the topics addressed. However, academic rigour and potential to make a valuable contribution to the discussion will nonetheless be the criteria used to selecting papers for presentation.

It is anticipated that each paper will have a 30-40 minute time slot. The presenter will have up to 10 minutes to give a brief introduction to the paper, and the remainder of the time will be for discussion. Papers will be circulated to all participants one week before the conference, and presenters should therefore submit them two weeks before the conference date (i.e. by 3rd June).

To submit a paper proposal, please e-mail an abstract of up to 250 words by Thursday 30th April to the organiser, Prof. Neil Messer:

To register for the conference, pleasevisit our Eventbrite page:

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