Dancing in the Dark. A Survivor's Guide to the University

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Thursday 24 February, 5.30pm
streamed live online via MS Teams

Dancing in the Dark. A Survivor's Guide to the University is an illustrated pocketbook designed to keep those studying and working in universities in good heart. As it is the kind of handbook intended to be held in the palm of your hand, you may want to get hold of a copy:  https://goldenharebooks.com/products/dancing-in-the-dark-a-survivors-guide-to-the-university  

Anne Pirrie is Reader in Education at the University of the West of Scotland. 

Nini Fang is a lecturer in Counselling and Psychotherapy at the University of Edinburgh 

Elizabeth O'Brien is a second- and third-level educator, based at University College Dublin. 


For further information, please contact alexis.gibbs@winchester.ac.uk or Adrian.skilbeck@winchester.ac.uk

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