Distinguishing truth tellers from liars: a cognitive approach to verbal lie detection

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Wednesday 22 November
St Alphege Building room 003, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

​A free talk his talk by Professor Aldert Vrij, University of Portsmouth, in the Centre for Forensic and Investigative Psychology Seminar Series

​This talk provides an overview of a cognitive approach to verbal lie detection. The core of the approach is that investigators can magnify the difference in cognitive load that liars and truth tellers experience through specific interventions, resulting in liars displaying more diagnostic cues to deception. A discussion of the cognitive lie detection approach, which consists of three techniques, (i) imposing cognitive load, (ii) encouraging interviewees to say more, and (iii) asking unexpected questions, is followed by a meta-analysis of the available cognitive lie detection research examining whether the approach improves the ability to distinguish truth tellers from liars.

About the speaker:

Aldert Vrij is Professor of Applied Social Psychology at the University of Portsmouth, where he is a member of the International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology (ICRFP) within the Department of Psychology. His primary research interests are nonverbal and verbal cues to deception, and lie detection. He is the author of Detecting lies and deceit: pitfalls and opportunities, a comprehensive text about deception and lie detection. Visit his profile here.

For further details about the event please email Dr Wendy Kneller at wendy.kneller@winchester.ac.uk​

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