England on the verge Of Brexit

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Flags and London

Thursday 21 March

6.45pm - 8pm

Room 1, West Downs Quarter, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Hampshire SO22 5HT

England on the verge Of Brexit - Professor John Denham

Brexit was made in England; but will England be re-made by Brexit?

Brexit was a very English decision. Most Leave votes came from England; support was strongest amongst English identifying voters. Yet England was barely mentioned in the referendum campaign; nor have the English been directly addressed during the subsequent and increasingly fractious debate. England remains a nation whose name is unspoken.

John Denham will explore the roots of England’s discontent in its governance and constitutional status and in the failure to tackle the nation’s economic and social divides. He will argue that, unless these challenges are addressed during Brexit and its aftermath, the underlying tensions will only grow.

Prof John Denham is Director of the Centre for English Identity and Politics at the University of Winchester. He is a former Labour MP and Cabinet Minister.

(This lecture will also be given at King’s College, London on 19th March)

Refreshments: Cash bar between 6.15 - 6.45pm

Centre for English Identity and Politics

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